Apartment Hunting Tips: How to Find a Rental You’ll Actually Love

Apartment hunting 101

If you're currently apartment hunting, you're not alone. Over 36% of Americans rent their homes, and in these summer months, that means a good portion of renters are closing out old leases and moving to new places. Whether you're a new renter, or you've signed a few leases in your day, the whole process of apartment hunting can be overwhelming. There are so many options to sift through, scams to avoid, and factors to consider when figuring out how to find an apartment. Continue Reading

Goodwill Hunting: DIY Recyclable Roundup

created on: 08/07/08

There have been gobs of juicy good finds at Goodwill in the past couple of weeks.  Maybe it’s hot August doldrums and people feel like purging, but I’ve been hitting the jackpot on every visit.  Since my garage is overflowing with all kinds of  recyclable furniture, I decided to focus on accessory items for crafting and design for my weekly DIY newspaper column.   A few photos and some ideas are included for sparking your own creativity.  Continue Reading

Goodwill Hunting: Ten DIY Recyclables You Should Never Pass Up

created on: 07/11/08

The thrill of the hunt quickly goes south when you realize the plaid Herculon sofa you snagged for $15.99 will set you back at least $500.00 to reupholster, not including the twenty some yards of fabric you have to buy.  Impulsiveness is part of the buzz, but if you’re a thrift shopper who is seriously shopping for recyclable materials, you need a plan.  You’ll save time as well as money if you know what you’re looking for, within general guildelines, and limit yourself to one frivolous purchase a week.   Continue Reading

Goodwill Hunting-Modern Coffee Table

created on: 03/15/08

Last weekend was spent participating in my favorite sport of Goodwill Hunting.  With the expansion of this chain of fine variety stores, it’s becoming difficult to hang on to my change.  It’s also taking up lots of time and gasoline.  But what if something tremendous just arrived behind those swinging doors?

I deliberated a bit before shelling out $24.99 for this little cutie.  That’s my limit……..I guess.

The top of the table has some discoloration that looks like it’s underneath a varnish.  Continue Reading