Make It: DIY Photographic Pillow With Light-Sensitive Dye (on the Cheap!)

Make It- DIY Pillow with light Sensitive Dye

Who doesn’t love a colorful pillow? Moreover, who doesn’t love a bold, graphic colorful pillow with a personal touch? This simple technique allows you to print any image of your choosing onto fabric, then sew it up for a totally custom look. Right? Right. Let’s make one!



Make It- DIY Pillow with light Sensitive Dye

Here is what you need:

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Make This: Scandinavian-Inspired Hand Printed Tablecloth

Make This: Simple Swiss-Cross Patterend Stamped Tablecloth

Make This: Scandinavian Tablecloth

I can’t get enough of Scandinavian design, and I’m on the hunt for ways to bring this style into my home. The decor in my house hasn’t had a theme until very recently (unless you consider furniture inherited from past roommates a theme). Now that I’m almost 30 (panicked bells ringing as I type that), the items in my home are brought in with more intention. I love all things monochromatic, so the Scandinavian look fits my mostly-gray furniture perfectly. Continue Reading

How-To: Easy DIY Stamped Clay Bowls

Easy DIY Stamped Clay Bowls
Photo: Gathering Beauty

Little bowls are a handy thing to have around the house. They’re great for holding jewelry, keys or even office supplies. And what’s better than a small bowl? A brightly colored small bowl with a pretty pattern! Click through to find out what these lovely pieces look like when they’re finished.   


Easy DIY Stamped Clay Bowls
Photo: Gathering Beauty

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love that you can customize them to your taste…. I’m picturing a magenta floral pattern for mine. Continue Reading

Make It: Easy Faux Stained Glass Votive Holders

created at: 10/28/2012

Not only are these colorful glass votive holders stunning, they’re a cinch to make!     

All you need is some alcohol ink (available from craft stores) and some rubbing alcohol. After that, you can go to town experimenting with different techniques to create the effects you want! I love the splatter look that’s going on in this version from All Thumbs Crafts, don’t you? Beautiful!

How To: Make Easy Custom Gift Tags with Ribbon

created at: 11/14/2011

The season of gift-giving is fast approaching, and if your family is anything like mine, we like to make sure all the out-of-towners get their Christmas gifts while they are visiting for Thanksgiving.  And since a drive/flight home usually results in crushed boxes and torn gift tags, I thought I’d make some that were a little more suitcase friendly while being easy enough for any gift-giving occasion.   Easy projects are the best holiday projects, and this is certainly one of those.  Continue Reading

How to Make a Marimekko-Inspired Wallpaper Transfer

wallpaper transfer

I have been pining over Harri Koskinen’s Frekvenssi wallpaper for Marimekko (pictured below) since I saw it ages ago in a magazine.  I decided that I must use the wallcovering in my new place.  Since I am currently renting, I thought of purchasing a bolt and framing it.  Then, I thought of the cost and quickly changed my mind.  I was determined to find a low cost way to use the wallcovering. 

Marimekko inspired wallpaper

I looked at the sample realizing that the pattern is a series of lines which are drawn sketchy.  Continue Reading

How to make glitter and re-ink ornaments.

created at: 2009-11-03

Amy at Prairie Paper and Ink has created the prettiest ornaments using glitter and stamp pad re-inkers. A very cool thing about these baubles is that the glitter is inside the ball, which means you get all the sparkle without all the pesky glitter dandruff! Amy assures us they’re very easy to make too, and you just need a few things to get started.

  • clear glass ornament/s
  • dye re-inker (Amy used a Stampin Up product)
  • water, optional
  • paper towels
  • rubber/latex gloves
  • fine glitter
  • small funnel or a piece of paper to shape a funnel
  • small container

To see the entire process, follow this link, and for an update to the original project, you might want to visit this page.  Continue Reading

Using Alcohol Inks

created at: 2009-03-30

I’ve used alcohol inks in the past for card-making, but last week I decided to see what they could do around the house. I used the brand most familiar to card-makers and scrap-bookers: Adirondack Alcohol Inks. Sold in sets of three-color-combos and in singles, the inks, which are to be used on NON-porous surfaces, are acid free, quick drying and transparent. They are also billed as being ‘permanent’. I chose the Nature Walk Kit, which includes butterscotch, stream and wild plum. Continue Reading

Crafter Ink (as in tattoos)

Nothing exemplifies commitment like a tattoo. And since that applies to crafters as well, why wouldn’t someone who loves their hobby proclaim it to the world with a little ink?

To see more pics of crafty tats, go here.