7 Dreamy Beach House Kitchens

Windmark Beach house kitchen

For me, the term ‘beach house’ conjures up all sorts of decor opportunities, all of which do not include a kitchen. Why is that? Because if I lived on the beach, I wouldn’t be spending my time in the kitchen? Because I’d be grilling corn on the cob and lobsters over an open flame on the beach every night, so who needs a kitchen for that?? I dunno. But what I DO know is that any of these kitchens could suit the beach house of my dreams. Continue Reading

Boho Meets Indian Chic

A new adjective needs to be coined to describe the style of Ade Koh’s East Coast weekend home. A little bohemian, a little Indian Chic, a whole lot of color. The effect, especially in this room, makes me smile. To see a few more pics of Ade’s retreat, head on over to H&D.

Photography by Edward Henricks



6 Perfectly Pink Rooms


Last week I posted pics of 6 juicy-red rooms in honor of Valentine’s Day. Today we honor the other holiday’s color: pink. And, no, there’s not one little girl’s bedroom among them.

staw room

3269106721 05978c2062 o A few of my favorite pink rooms



Celebrity Living Rooms: Why do we like to ogle them?

created at: 02/14/2011

Why do people like to peek inside the living spaces of the rich and famous? To see how the ‘other half’ live? To see if they are closet piggies? If it’s the latter and a camera crew shows up at their doors, you can bet that all evidence of piggy-dom is erased before one click of a shutter. Case in point: these 13 celebrity living rooms, all of which are perfect in their own way…at least based on the shout-out they receive from Elle Decor. Continue Reading

How to Accessorize the Pottery Barn Way

This weekend, a friend and I went to a seminar at our nearby Pottery Barn for an ‘accessorizing’ seminar and, like a good blogger, I took notes to share with my peeps. If you’re not a fan of the PB style, that’s cool. These suggestions will work for any interior.    

created at: 02/08/2011

  1. When accessorizing a room, repeat the same color (or hues) at least 3 times. So, for example, use the same color/hue in a pillow, a lampshade and an area rug.
Continue Reading

On the Set: Get the look of “The Big Bang Theory”

Big Bang Theory,Jim Parsons,Johnny Galecki,Kunal Nayyar,Simon Helberg,The Boyfriend Complexity

One of the most interesting sets on television today is Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. Every time I watch an episode of TBBT, I invariably notice something I hadn’t seen before. I’ve now found myself actually looking for details I might have missed. This ‘Where’s Waldo?’ type game can be played when viewing all the characters’ living spaces, but most particularly when watching hijinx unfold at Sheldon and Leonard’s. SO…today I decided to share my obsession and compile elements in their living area just in case anyone out there would like to copy their geek-chic interior. Continue Reading

Moody with a Dash of Color

This 1,200 sf apartment went through a 10K reno. The result is moody with a smidgen of color here and there. Dark walls, dark floors, dark furniture…and yet, there’s something about it that appeals to me. The pink coffee table? The faux bookcase wallpaper? The letter art? I dunno. How about you? Do you think living in such darkness would be cozy or creepy?

For more pictures of the apartment, head on over to Digs Digs