Invisible Tree House

Okay, so it’s not completely invisible, but until somebody invents a cloaking device, it’s probably as close as we’re gonna get. Built by Tham & Videgard, the Mirrorcube is one of what will be six units in the “Treehotel” in Harads, Sweden.

The 4 meter square cube is attached to one tree and ‘is clad entirely in mirrored glass.’ To see more images of the Mirrorcube as well as the other tree houses of the Treehotel, follow this jump to designboom.

How to Make and Install and Invisible Book Shelf–The Video Version


created at: 2009-06-25

Here’s a really easy-to-follow video explaining the process of making and installing one of those cool, invisible bookshelves. To make one, you’ll need to assemble the following:

  • a good looking sacrificial book
  • an L bracket
  • a utility knife
  • a drill
  • a Philip’s head screwdriver
  • tape measure
  • small wood screws, flathead
  • large wood screws, flathead
  • glue
  • a pencil
  • books to display on your new shelf

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An Invisible Shelf for Visible Books

Stickelbook’s invisible bookshelf consists of an extruded aluminum bracket onto which is attached a polypropylene strip of teeth. The teeth grip the pages and covers of paperback books, giving the allusion that the books are self-supporting. Cool, huh? The Sticklebook, which is 50cm long and holds approximately 13 average-sized paperbacks, is available through the manufacturer’s website for a rather reasonable $28.70.