5 Amazing Japanese-Inspired DIY Projects

The Japanese aesthetic has been hugely influential in Western art since the time of Van Gogh.  And, you guessed it, this aesthetic continues to be a powerful force in the mainstream DIY and craft culture, even beyond the ubiquity of gorgeous Japanese washi tape and origami.  From traditional techniques aimed at solving quotidian challenges to those pushing the limits of modern craftmanship and art, Japan offers incredible inspiration for DIYers and design lovers.

The DIY geniuses at Honestly…WTF tried their hands at shibori, a textile dying technique, with fantastic results.  Continue Reading

Pattern Tape for Awesome DIY Picture Frames.

Fun Frame DIY

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow, I ended up on the HappyTape blog, subtitled “pretty, pretty tape, imported from Japan.” Apparently, some cats in Japan are making some amazing patterned, re-stickable tape, and it’s going by the name…you guessed it, Japanese tape.

A little further reserach found this post from Decor 8, on using the stuff to create easy frames for pictures and art. Now, this I can get into.

Tutorial: Noren – Traditional Japanese Fabric Dividers.

Japanese sewing machine company Janome offers a great tutorial and a bit of info on noren (æš–ç°¾) : traditional japanese fabric dividers that are hung on walls, windows, doorways, or in between rooms. Simply join the pieces, hem, then reinforce by sewing a triangle. They provide tips for adding traditional embroidery, but I think they look mighty sharp in a basic mod fabric, as below, from Whip Up.