Roundup: 10 Fun New Uses For Mason Jars

Roundup: 10 Fun New Uses For Mason Jars
Photo: Jeran McConnel

Mason jars have been popular for years now, but some inventive new projects featuring the classic jar have been popping up recently. Here are ten of our favorite new mason jar hacks for your home.   


Roundup: 10 Fun New Uses For Mason Jars

1. Use a mason jar to create a terrarium or tiny indoor garden. Get the tutorial here. [Photo: Parent Pretty]

2. Attach mason jars filled with candles and greenery to a pallet and hang it on your wall! Continue Reading

Make It: Quick and Colorful Mason Jar Vase

created at: 03/27/2012

Some days I find myself with a real need to get some creating done.  This is usually when the laundry pile is the highest, the floor is in need of sweeping, and dishes still sit in the sink.  Sound familiar?  It is those days that I need to do something that actually gets finished, unlike that bottomless laundry pile.

That’s why I love easy projects like these that can be done in minutes to break up the monotony of housework.  Continue Reading

How to: Make Glowing Firefly Jars

My birthday is on June 17th, which, when you’re a kid, is a pretty great day for a birthday. You never have to go to school, the activity options are endless, and your party can always include a squirt gun fight.

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But, each year I also get another special, seasonal gift. Even now, among the good times with families and friends, I always see the first fireflies of the year on my birthday. It started with those outdoor parties and cookouts as a kid, and continued through the bonfires of high school, the theme parks of college, and now, a quiet evening walk with the people I love the most. Continue Reading

Quick and Easy Mason Jar Makeovers

created at: 03/28/2011

One thing’s for sure: mason jars are awesome. They’re widely available, inexpensive, and work equally well inside the kitchen and out, and their looks are oh so au currant in design mags these days.

Celeste snagged several dozens from Freecycle, and came up with two awesome projects to transform them from clear and functional to something special.   First, she figured out a way to paint the jars to give them the tinge of the unnecessarily pricey vintage glass you see in antique shops:

Then, she came up with a way to add just enough chalkboard paint to make ’em snazzy:

Get the full tutorials at Celeste’s guest post on Tatertots and Jello