15 Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Getting Rid of Their Excess Stuff

15 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited To Get Rid of Things

It’s that time of year again when you get the “itch” to clean up and clear out. Santa came last month with some new things and it’s time to make room for them. Sometimes your excitement to simplify or clean out isn’t shared by your kids. Here are some creative ways you can get your kids involved with the process of getting rid of their things. Who says donating can’t be purposeful and fun?   




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How to Keep Kids From Going Crazy the Week After Christmas

10 Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained The Week After Christmas

Everyone is getting ready for family and festivities this upcoming weekend. It’s busy, it’s exciting, and filled with fun things to do. Then Christmas ends, and even though your kids have unwrapped all sorts of new things to engage them, the words “I’m bored” inevitably come out of their mouth. Those words. Like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Like a rock in your shoe. But, I have found if I prepare myself for those words. Continue Reading

How to: Make a DIY Modern and Minimalist Nativity Set

created at: 12/18/2012

I have lots of great holiday memories from when I was a kid: listening to the Merry Christmas from Sesame Street cassette while driving downtown to pick up the ham with my dad, waking my parents up with my sister after totally having scoped the presents, and warming the handheld candles to make funny shapes with my cousins and uncle during Christmas Eve service. But nothing stands out more than this silly little wooden nativity set I set up on our side table every year. Continue Reading

Gift Guide: Don’t Give Junk to Children – 30 Quality, Handmade, and Stylish Toys for Kids

Gift Guide: Don't Give Junk to Children - 30 Quality, Handmade, and Stylish Toys for Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and we are trying to get organized this year by planning ahead! When it comes to shopping for your kids, it can get a little tiring seeing those same old plastic, cheap toys you try really hard to avoid buying year after year. But what choice do you really have when you haven’t a clue what’s out there? Well, you’re just in luck! We made a fantastic list of quality, handmade and stylish toys for infants, toddlers and school age kids to help make your holiday shopping easy-peasy. Continue Reading

Kid-Friendly DIY Project: Back to School Pencil Cases

DIY back to school pencil case

Our oldest daughter begins school after Labor Day, and at the moment there is much anticipation buzzing around our house because their teacher and class placements will be mailed in the coming weeks.

This year, our girl wanted to come up with a gift she could share with her friends to celebrate the start of school. After a walk through the ‘Back to School’ section of Target, we came up with a simple DIY pencil case embellishment that she’s excited to share with her friends. Continue Reading

Roundup: 7 DIY Water Activities For Your Backyard

It is the middle of the summer and in my part of the country it is hot outside. Did mention it has been over 100 degrees hot? In this kind of weather, if you want to spend time outside there must be water involved. Here are 7 DIY water games to make your backyard a fun and cool place to play this summer.   

 1. DIY Pool Noodle Water Blaster

Large water guns used to blast each other is really a game that could be loved for hours. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Geometric Animal Wall Art

DIY Geometric Animal Wall ArtI can’t stand to look at a home with bare walls. While I don’t like a lot of clutter, I do like a room to feel “finished”. The walls just need art. They do. And if you can’t afford to buy, you can always DIY.      


This geometric wall art looks simple enough that a kid (or my husband!) could do it. Main material? Paint chips! Visit The Whimsical Wife for the how-to! 

DIY Geometric Animal Wall Art by [The Whimsical Wife]

Make It: Etched Wood Spoons Decorated With Kid Art


It’s so refreshing to see a new use for an old skill. Wood etching and burning has been a popular craft for years, but I love seeing how others create something so unique with it! These wooden spoons will be my new go-to gift!      


Whether you create the design yourself, or let the kids in on the action, these wooden spoons are the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, and friends! The rolling pin might just be my fave. Continue Reading

Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Sweet Handmade Gifts for Kids

Forget the early-morning-Black-Friday-shopping this year and give your child something unique and handmade! We’ve rounded up 12 great gifts for your littles that support handmade Etsy shop owners and a few other online shops as well!      


1. Henry The Fox doll made by Walnut Animal Society 

2. Cloud-shaped Chalkboard Wall Sticker by Carolinesouth on Etsy 

3. Wooden Safari Puzzle by siamcollection on Etsy 

4.  Wooden Cup N Ball toy by applenamos on Etsy 

5. Wooden Mushroom Bowling by MuddyFeet on Etsy 

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