How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-by-Step Guide to DIY Bliss!

This is our most complete guide on how to paint kitchen cabinets. A DIY cabinetry painting job can be time-consuming, but if done right, the results are excellent. We show you two examples of DIY kitchen cabinet makeovers, one light and one dark. Read on to find out how to do it!

How to paint kitchen cabinets (step by step)

Yesterday we had an interesting discussion about whether or not painting kitchen cabinets was a simple, one-weekend project.  On Twitter, this commonly-repeated idea was referred to as “commercial break cabinets” and “design on a crashing dime”.   Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Can You Really Make Over Kitchen Cabinets in a Weekend?

Cabinet Refinishing By Signet Painting

You know all those weekend makeovers in blog land of painted kitchen cabinets? They look great after, right? I'm wondering if  they might look better from a distance than they do close up. Here's why: They were done in a weekend. That's two days. If you'd suggest such a timetable to a

painting professional, I'm guessing you'd get a hearty guffaw, and it wouldn't necessarily be because they're trying to dissuade you from attempting a DIY job. Continue Reading

5 Things That Affect The Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

A huge chunk of a kitchen remodel budget goes to cabinetry. However, all kitchen cabinets are not equal. (Duh.) Right off the top, here are five factors you should consider when choosing new cabinets.

1. Wood: The first and maybe the most obvious is the wood species you choose. Oak cabinets undoubtedly cost less than teak or maple.

2. Layout: A U shaped kitchen costs more than an L shaped kitchen with an island. A cabinet with one shelf obviously is going to be less expensive than a Lazy Susan in a corner cabinet. Continue Reading

Get Your Hands On Used Kitchen Cabinets for Your Garage


Slick garage organization systems look great but could break your bank. A responsible alternative would be to use USED cabinets in the garage. The beauty of this is that you can turn off your “picky” radar. If they’re missing a countertop-just add thick plywood and varnish it. If they’re missing  knobs – go find anything that works. If they’re missing a door or two-open storage is even easier. What if the wife wants uniformity? Paint them all the same color and be done with it. Continue Reading