Live Plant Lamps

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No, nobody shoved a light up a plant’s yahoo to make this lamp. It’s actually an orb with Tillandsia, aka air plants, attached to it. The plants need no soil to survive. Just light, air and a spritz of water every now and then. I’m guessing the orb is water tight so the spritz won’t end in a sizzle. To read more about the lamps and its creator Kara Bartlet, visit Inhabitat. 

Lamps Rule!

sustainable design, green design, spring greening 2010, inhabitat green design competition, recycled materials, diy design, repurposed materials, traffic cone lightInhabitat’s Spring Greening Contest, which is an open call for clever designs using old household items, has produced some amazing projects, many of which are lamps. Here are the top three lamp contenders.     

Currently in third place in the lamp category (fourth overall) is Loreta Haaker’s Traffic Cone Lamp, pictured above.

In second place is Nidhi Guptas Film Roll Lamp.

sustainable design, green design, spring greening 2010, inhabitat green design competition, recycled materials, diy design, repurposed materials, national geographic shelf, nidhi gupta, film roll lamp

Coming in at first with just a slight advantage over Nidhi’s entry is Sarah Turner’s Soda Bottle Lamp.  Continue Reading

Things to Make with Leftover Chopsticks

created at: 05/14/2010

It’s not a big surprise to see chopsticks used to make obvious items like placemats, trivets, earrings, even a dress, but this was a surprise. A former city employee of the Japanese town of Koriyama collected thousands of used, disposable chopsticks from the city hall cafeteria and crafted a 4 foot long canoe.It took him 3 months, 7382 chopsticks and polyester resin. He’s trying it out this month. Read more.

created at: 05/14/2010

Sea urchin lamps by use chopsticks set in cast resin with a UL approved center housing. Continue Reading

Plastic Bottles Turned Lovely Light Fixtures


Cola 30 Ceiling Pendant
















They might not look like it now, but all of these lamp shades began their existence as plastic drinking bottles. Eco-designer Sarah Turner is the talent behind them. Thirty 500 ml are used to make Cola 30, pictured above. The Lily lamps are constructed of 2-liter drink bottles. (Sprite, to be specific.)   

Lily 9 Green Table LampLily 9 Green Top View

And this is the rather retro Daisy Lamp, again made of 2-liter drinking bottles. (For some reason, I had to keep reminding myself that as I perused Sarah’s portfolio. Continue Reading

Thrift Store Light Becomes a Sophisticated Paris Hanging Lamp

created at: 2010/01/29

Georgia over at JunkMarket Style has got it going on. She found a hideous hanging light at a thrift store, started to walk away when the sacred lightbulb of creativity went on. Take a look at the way she restyled this (literal) piece of junk into this sophisticated Paris hanging lamp.

created at: 2010/01/29

Who would have thunk it? Take a look at the step by step process.

Way to go Georgia!

DIY Idea: Fish Chandalier

created at: 2009-04-09

Organic, tactile, and made from bone china, so English, the design team of Frances and Dominic Bromley have jumped into the wide world of lighting design.  Their sculptural fish cylinder of light is available in six sizes. It may not be feasible to DIY these out of bone china, but how about a simplified, inspired version made from paper, clay or found objects? See all of their extraordinary designs, as well as a photo of the designers.  Continue Reading