Shot of Yellow Lamp Makeover

created at: 12/29/2011

Decor Chick was looking for some yellow lamps for forever. Long story short, she never found them, so she made over the lamps above to look like the lamps below.   

I bet you thought the BASE of the lamps were going to be the part that would get the once over, right? Nope. DC gave the shades a shot of Krylon–in Sun Yellow Gloss, to be specific. Now she has the yellow lamps she’s been craving!  Continue Reading

String Lampshades

created on: 01/07/09

the lampshades behind the attractive well dressed couple? They’re
DIY-able! And they actually seem pretty simple. ReadyMade has
instructions that are based around the kind of paper mache stuff you
might have made in school.

You’ll need

  • a round balloon
  • some string, yarn or wool
  • some fabric stiffener
  • A plastic take-out container lid (optional)

Find the full skinny here. They actually kind of remind me of David Trubridge lamp shades. Which I love. Continue Reading

Self-Adhesive Lampshades

Am I the last person on the planet to have heard about these? And
what a brill idea! Hollywood Lights does self-adhesive lampshades in a
bunch of different sizes and shapes and you can even create your own
custom size. Slick.

I’m thinking maybe a vintage map or fabric or maybe some ribbons or handmade paper or… you get the idea.

Find them here, and don’t be put off by the acres of froof in the picture, they do some nice clean-lined stuff too.

How to make a custom lampshade.

created on: 09/15/08

Judy Lake hand crafts one-of-a-kind lampshades at her shop Lake’s Lampshades. She’s now sharing her secrets in this very informative tutorial. To make a custom lampshade of your own, you’ll need:

 4″ x 7″ x 7″ square bell frame
– 5/8″ gros-grain ribbon
– ½ yard fabric
– pressure-sensitive styrene
– pressure-sensitive cloth tape
– wooden clothespins
– wide ribbon to hold panels as they dry
– quick glue with squeeze bottle
– scissors
– ultra-fine Sharpie

To view the entire tutorial, go to Continue Reading

3 D Wallpaper

created on: 09/09/08

Not only has Swedish designer Hanna Nyman created a 3 D wallpaper, it’s also interactive.  Once applied, you can peel back the parts you want to dangle from the wall to create your own version of sculptured art.  She has done these in contemporary colors and floral designs.  As you might expect, Hanna is a fan of origami and has melded her wallpaper designs with her beautiful paper lampshades.  These designs are so fresh, beautiful, and interesting, it almost makes me want to forsake my anti-wallpaper policy in order to enjoy this visual delight.  Continue Reading

Can You Really Re-cover an Old Lampshade?

created on: 03/04/08

No, I didn’t recover this.  When Shabby Chic still ran the antique malls, this retro shade was huddled in the corner like a weird uncle.  I think it cost me around $12.00.  That purchse was a few years ago.

But you can, I repeat, CAN, recover an old shade you might find at Goodwill or a flea market.  They are ruined once the big crease takes place.  These step by step directions make a DIY lampshade re-do a real possibility.  Continue Reading

How to clean your light fixtures and save money.

If our light bulbs and fixtures are covered in blankets of dust, we’re wasting energy and money. Instead of simply adding light to a dreary room, we should first clean our existing light fixtures and bulbs. For suggestions on how to clean light bulbs and fixtures, go to Cristalier’s tutorial on how to clean a crystal chandelier, which includes tips applicable to most lighting sources.

And before replacing those grimy, light-blocking lamp shades with costly new ones, check out Michigan State University’s Extension article on how to clean just about every kind of lamp shade on the market. Continue Reading