Can Olive Oil Really Fix Scratched Leather Furniture?

How to fix scratched leather... with olive oil?
Photo: Roberta Sorge

There are a handful of substances that are darlings for us DIYers on the Internet—natural, ubiquitous, and amazing multi-taskers. You know what I’m talking about—baking soda, vinegar, kosher salt olive oil, coconut oil, etc. They can do anything we ask them to do: clean our homes, whiten our laundry, reduce blood pressure, pick up the kids from school…

One such popular cure-all life hack is how to fix scratched leather using that lovely golden Mediterranean export, olive oil. Continue Reading

Before and After: Turkish Tufted Fainting Couch

created at: 06/01/2010


Since we technically missed Makeover Monday, I’m making up for it with a Before and After of an awe-inspiring tufted Turkish couch. Even better,

created at: 06/01/2010

I’m signed up for a tufting workshop being taught by this guy at The Upholstery Fair in Lafayette, Indiana, July 23rd and 24th. Call him an artist, craftsman or sculptor, but Kim Buckminster is up there with the best of the best in upholstery restoration. If you wonder why it’s so costly to have an antique piece reupholstered professionally, check out what really goes on under the covers when rebuilding a piece of upholstered art right here at Continue Reading