Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas.

From Photojojo:

“Here it is almost Valentine’s Day, and once again you’re searching for that grand romantic gesture (GRG).How, you ask yourself, how can I impress my one and only Schmoopy armed with only a camera and my boundless creativity?

Not to worry dear chum, Photojojo’s got your back.

We’ve got some great ideas to save the day and leave your S.O. positively chuffed. (Plus a little something for the anti-Valentines among us.)

Idea 1: A Day full of photo discovery

Idea 2: Say it with photos

Other projects:

Photo postcard mosaic

Valentines from scientists

Anti-Valentine video cards

Anti-Valentine Cross-Stitch

How to fold an origami heart envelope.

This is an easy fold and perfect for sending a love note to your Valentine!

What you need:

  • a piece of origami paper–preferably red on one side, white on the other.
  • glue or tape

What you do:

Start with the white side of your paper up. (Square base.)

Fold in half, top to bottom:


Unfold and repeat, folding left to right.

Unfold and turn paper over.

Fold in half, top to bottom.

Unfold and fold in half left to right. Continue Reading

“The Best” Valentine’s Day Gift.

Show your loved ones you care, over and over…


“There's nothing better than surprising someone with a little love and tenderness. (Well, other than being surprised by a little love and tenderness yourself!) And that's what this little sneaky art project by Tamara Shopsin is all about. Guaranteed to delight and thrill whomever it's bestowed upon.

Card measures 6″ x 4.5″ and label is approx.
1.5″ x .3″. Thread color may vary.”