Designer Q&A: Ask Me Anything! (and Win Free Stuff…)

Designer Q&A with Linsi Brownson

Hey everyone, it’s my first time writing here on Curbly so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linsi Brownson, I’m an interior designer and owner of the online boutique Redefine HomeToday I’m here for a little designer Q&A session. Send me your questions, anything from how to pair your grandmother’s antique settee with your contemporary home to creative uses for everyday objects. I’ll answer these in a follow up post next week. Continue Reading

Luxury in the Wild

created at: 04/04/2011

Naibor, located in Kenya, is a private getaway that consists of seven luxurious tents. Each features king sized beds, wool rugs and atmosphere galore. Lions and hippos included.     

created at: 04/04/2011

created at: 04/04/2011




Luxury for Less: 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

created at: 02/04/2011

The best reaction you can get from your sweetie after she has opened her Valentine’s gift is a squeal with delight. This roundup of affordable luxury includes such things that will surely produce the desired reaction and all are $100 or less. 

We’re gonna start with one of the big guns: Tiffany. Don’t hyperventilate. Tiffany DOES sell items that won’t break the bank. They actually have a $100 or less selection on their website. Case in point, their ‘Return to Tiffany’ Mini double heart tag pendant is an affordable $100, AND it comes in a glorious Tiffany Blue box just like items 100 times that price. Continue Reading

For Sale: The ULTIMATE Vacation Home

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome04 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

Located on Grand Cayman, this jaw-dropping vacation home is 48,000 square feet of over the top opulence. Amenities galore, the ocean front home features–among many other things–an outdoor kitchen, billiard room, spa, steam room, wine cellar and outdoor tennis court. So how much will all this poshness cost you? A cool $60 million. For a tour of the home, which includes stills and video slideshow, head on over to Freshome.

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome24 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome06 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome12 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome36 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome39 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

Luxurious Reasidence Freshome33 Ultimate Luxury: Mind Blowing $59,500,000 Mansion in the Cayman Islands

The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Space

Unique Homes polled their readers and they ‘overwhelmingly’ selected this Frank McKinney creation as having the ultimate pool/outdoor entertainment space. The residence, named Acqua Liana, is located in Palm Beach, Florida. McKinney is famous for his ocean front property, and taking a look at Acqua Liana, you can tell why. Water falls, water gardens, pools, reflecting ponds, spas, and the ocean vistas all intertwine for a stunning effect. 

$FIRE SPA & CAPTIVATING POOL.reducedFor a tour of the home, which just might leave you speechless, check out the video tour below. Continue Reading

Luxury Kitchen Ideas for Less

luxury kitchen design 2010 10 Luxury Kitchen Ideas For Fraction of the Price

Luxury kitchens are almost expected these days. Certainly in new construction. Ditching your digs to get the look you want isn’t necessarily necessary. A few clever–and inexpensive–updates here and there can do wonders. Take these for example:

  1. Instead of replacing your laminate countertop, how about opting for a granite top overlay? It’s less expensive, and only you will know it cost half the price.  
  2. Skip marble or travertine flooring and opt for ceramic. Ceramic has come a long way with options that mimic natural stone.
Continue Reading

Living it Up Safari Style


africa_african_game_resorts_safari_private_reserve_luxury_contemporary_unique_modern_interior_design_holiday_unique_bespoke_wildlife_8Singita means ‘place of miracles’. I’m pretty sure it refers to the game reserve’s location: the western corridor of the Serengeti. However, in a purely Curbly sense, the miracle could be the reserve’s gorgeous interiors. You can see more images at Adelto.







For Sale: Lance Armstrong’s Texas Ranch

celebrity home

We all know you can tell a lot about a person by the way he or she chooses to decorate his or her house. What Lance Armstrong’s house suggests is that he’s the kind of person who likes order and doesn’t tolerate b.s. It also suggests that he appreciates luxury of the masculine sort. I wonder if the furnishings are included in the price tag…which was just reduced to 10.5 million.

celebrity home lance armstrong

Other tidbits of information you might like to know: The house is located in Dripping Springs, TX. Continue Reading

6 Former Prisions Turned into Luxury Hotels

The Big House has never looked so good! ZME Travel has put together a list of 6 former prisons that have been renovated and turned into luxury hotels. Pictured above is the Four Season Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. Below is the Breakwater Lodge, Cape Town, South Aftrica.

Malmaison, Oxford, UK

Liberty Hotel, Boston, USA

Hotel Katajanokka, Helsinki, Finland

Hotel Loewengraben, Lucern, Switzerland

For more pictures and information about each hotel–including contact information–please visit this page on ZME Travel. Continue Reading