How To: Dye Your Laptop Using Common Fabric Dyes!

created at: 02/28/2012

This DIY goes out to all the design-minded, technically inclined, color-loving Mac geeks.  You are a beautiful and unique snowflake — and so is your laptop!   


I’m filing this project under the “so cool, but so complicated” folder.  Obviously, dying your Macbook involves some level of warranty-busting risk, not to mention some technical know-how.  (You’re not going to see me completely disassembling mine any time soon.)  But if you’ve got the guts and the skills, I say go for it! Continue Reading

How to make a virtual cork board on your Mac.

created at: 2009-05-13

I snagged an new MacBook Pro a few weeks ago, and now I freely admit I’m a total Mac snob. I bow to the altar of The Fruit! Remove those inferior PCs from my home! Yup, a real snob, and I’m not going to apologize for it either. Um…you’ll have to excuse me, my infatuation made me lose my point for a minute there. Yes, my point…I’ve been looking at some cool software to add to my new love. Continue Reading

Make a Soda Tab Chainmail Laptop Bag

She’s Particular’s Chain Mail Laptop Bag reminds me Lizzie Gardiner’s American Express Oscar dress (pictured below), only much more practical. Nobody re-wears those Oscar dresses, whereas this, hey, now we’re talkin’. Not only is the bag awesomely medieval, it provides some serious armor for your MacBook. You can check out the entire tutorial over on Instructables.

If an entire laptop bag seems too ambitious, how about a soda tab bracelet? Or make both as a matching set. Continue Reading

Make a No-Sew MacBook Cozy

This must be the easiest laptop sleeve how-to ever. Its no sew construction makes it especially enticing. To make one, just assemble the following:

  • 3/4 yard of grey felt
  • 3/4 yard of orange felt
  • 3/4 yard double-sided fusible interfacing like Stitch-Witchery
  • 1 package of round, sticky Velcro dots
  • scissors
  • iron

To see the entire how-to, complete in 7 simple steps, head on over to Design Sponge.

A Solar Powered Laptop?

So, Apple has apparently captured the technology to power their portable electronics with el sol. So states Inhabitat: “Apple just filed a patent to infuse their hand-helds and computers with a thin film of solar
cells, paving the way for a new generation of gadgets with battery life
boosted by the sun. The patent approaches the prospect from every
angle, with schematics to stack photovoltaic cells beneath the entire
surface of their portables – including the screen!”