How To: Warm Up Your Photos With This DIY Copper Matting Technique

DIY Copper Photo Mat Using Copper Foil Tape

Everyone has inexpensive frames lying around their house. Here’s how you can take a pretty plain frame, and warm it up with a DIY copper mat. The DIY skill level required is low. If you can purchase copper foil tape and know how to “peel-n-stick”…you got this DIY — no problem.    



DIY Copper Photo Mat Using Copper Foil Tape


In my first home I bought 20 IKEA FISBO frames, matted them with gray cardstock, and framed some family pictures for a gallery wall. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Small Homework Station

DIY Small Homework Station

School starts in two days at my house and we’ve been running around getting ready for my son to start the third grade. Although it is not much, my son is becoming the age where homework and projects need to get done at home. My dining room table has been the landing zone for everything. After homework was finished, it continued to remain all over my dining room table, making it a mess. This year, I decided to make a fun and organized place for homework and craft projects so I could take my dining room table back!    Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Marble Side Table

Make It: DIY Marble Slab Side Table

Marble is classic, timeless and seems to be everywhere in the interior design world. It is also expensive. Here is a super simple tutorial to get a little marble into your decor by making a marble topped side table out of a marble cutting board and luggage rack.      


Make It: DIY Marble Slab Side Table

This project will only take you about 30 minutes it is easy, and yes… the marble is real. Here is what you need…


  • Marble Cutting Board (I found mine at an estate sale for $5.) You could buy one here.
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Make It: DIY Updated Thrift Store Side Table

DIY Updated Thrift Store Side Table


A common find in my local thrift store are glass and brass side tables, coffee tables and console tables. Here is how even a beginner DIYer can make these 1980’s cast offs something special in their home.   


Source: Target via Pinterest

Lately I have been loving the matte brass and wood look in furniture. The above version is one of my favorites.


DIY Updated Thrift Store Side Table



DIY Updated Thrift Store Side Table


I found a pair of these side tables at a thrift store for $7. Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Geometric Brass Pendant Light

DIY geometric brass pendant

This easy, gorgeous DIY pendant light echoes the projects in our Make It! Hardware Store Decor eBook, so we’re excited to share it with you, and hope you’ll also check out the eBook!


Ok, on to the DIY: 




Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Run your string through three pipes at a time, forming a bow tie shape.
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Make It: Screwless Floating Bookshelf

Screwless Floating Bookshelf

I love this contemporary take on a floating bookshelf. It’s hard to believe but the entire bookshelf is completely screwless! Simple timber studs and good old ‘no more nails’ is all you need.  Detailed instructions on making your own at the link below.

Screwless Floating Bookshelf via Home Story (In German)

Make It: DIY Geometric Planters

DIY Geometric Planters

It’s no surprise I’m a fan on Scandinavian minimalism. These geometric planters are a spin on the classic Finnish Himmeli, refashioned as planters. Best of all they are made from cheap supplies from the dollar store! Detailed instructions on creating your own can be found at the link below.

 DIY Geometric Planters via Homemade Ginger Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Magnetic Wooden Frames

Magnetic Wooden Frame

I collect wall art. Curated of course, artists aren’t hoarders, merely selective collectors. The problem is I’m forever changing my mind and swapping prints in and out. Framing can get expensive so enter this quick and easy DIY project: a simple magnetic frame that allows you to change out your favorite artwork! Follow the tutorial at the link below.


Magnetic Wood Frame via Cafe Craftea

Make It: Leather & Teak Clock

Leather & Teak Clock

Thrift shops are full of old curious finds, junk to some, jewels to others. I love this project that combined this old plate and leather belt upcycled into a Scandinavian inspired teak & leather wall clock. Details at the link below.


Leather & Teak Wall Clock via Francois et Moi

Make It: Gold Geometric Pendant Lamp Shade


House Doctor Inspired Lamp Shade

Make this simple Nordic House Doctor inspired lamp by using an Umbra wall decor set and some electrical wire. With a few simple tweaks create your own custom light fitting. Details and instructions at the link below.

House Doctor Inspired Lamp Shade via Free Series

Sorry guys; looks like the link is dead. But we did track down one of these you can buy (or be inspired by) at Urban Outfitters:

Copper tube pendant light$69 at Urban Outfitters