How to Make Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments

I’m sure you’ve seen them: inexpensive silvery glass ornaments whose finish is starting to look a little peaked. Maybe the color is fading or even peeling off the inside of the glass. Well….Stephanie Lynn tells us how to turn those old has-beens into new faux mercury glass. And because the silver is already inside the balls, that means the process is pretty much half-done. The stuff we’ll need to make the transformation includes black acrylic craft paint, silver stencil paint, a kitchen sponge with a scrubby side and a multi-purpose craft brush. Continue Reading

DIY: Turn Your Plain Glass into Mercury Glass

For the past few years I’ve been amassing my own personal collection of mercy glass. I love how it feels classic, yet modern and can fit in with virtually any color scheme. So I was really excited when Krylon came out with their own do-it-yourself paint,

  Looking Glass. Now it’s possible to turn anything into mercury glass with a few simple steps. 

You’ll Need:

  • Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint
  • whatever glass piece(s) you want to paint
  • a spray bottle filled with water
  • glossy black enamel paint
  • glossy gold metallic paint
  • scrubby sponge
  • paint brush

Seventh House on the Left has a very detailed follow-along that will seamlessly guide you through the process of giving your plain glass pieces a new life (that looks old!).

My own glass planet.

created at: 01/28/2011

Last week while perusing my local Pottery Barn, I spotted a reflective glass sphere in the holiday discount area. I picked it up and held it in my hands. The tag said it was mercury glass and there was a note inside that PB recommended inserting a strand of twinkle lights into the opening at the sphere’s bottom. As I was gazing at the ball, one of the sales associates walked by, saying, “Oh! You’re very lucky to have found that!” I nodded. Continue Reading

Make Mercury Glass

Don’t you just love new ways to tart up old glass? I do, which is why this mercury-finish idea grabbed my attention. Bethany has done all the trial and error for us, showing us how to achieve the best results. Here’s what she started with:

  • silver leaf
  • adhesive
  • antiquing glaze
  • a sponge brush
  • glass vase(s) with a large enough opening that you can get your hand into it

For the entire tutorial, head on over to Remodel This House.