How to Get Rid of Mice

Want to know how to get rid of mice? Here's our best list of techniques, everything from natural home remedies to store-bought live and kill traps.

How to get rid of mice
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In their proper context, I actually like mice. They're admirable for their resiliency, hardiness, and resourcefulness. As fuzzy little mammals with squished-together facial features, they're adorable to the point of absurdity. And heck, they even provided inspiration to a certain cartoonist named Walt for the main mascot of one my favorite places on the planet. Continue Reading

Tips: How To Get Rid of Mice

How To Get Rid of Mice
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Nobody likes to cohabitate with mice. But whether you care to admit it or not, your home most likely has had a rodent visitor at one point or another. There are plenty of different ways to get rid of them, however; we've talked about it before, and we're talking about it again today. Keep reading to find out the most effective mouse elimination method for you.   

 1. Prevention is the most important element in eliminating mice in your home. Continue Reading

Identify, Prevent, and Treat Outdoor Pests

I remember it like it was yesterday, walking through our soon-to-be home, rounding the corner through the swinging door and spotting our backyard for the very first time. It was perfect, with lush green grass, a huge oak and maples and a cedar fence lining the perimeter of the property line. We had hoped for a yard, but didn’t expect one, considering our modest budget and desire to live in the city.

What I didn’t see that day was the work it would take to keep that perfect yard looking perfect. Continue Reading

Identify, Prevent, and Treat In-Home Pests

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy my morning coffee and hearing a blood-curdling screech coming from the kitchen. I flash back to my superhero daydreams of childhood and jump up, adrenaline pumping, rushing out of the sunroom to save the day. Sprinting into the kitchen, I see the perpetrator: A dark black cockroach in the middle of our kitchen floor. Unfortunately, this has become a regular occurrence in our home.

As a first-time homeowner, the number of new responsibilities can be overwhelming. Continue Reading

How to catch a mouse with a toilet paper tube.

Awhile back Chris Glass had a mouse in the house. After the little critter got a little too cheeky, Chris decided they could not coexist. A toilet paper roll, a cracker and a dab of peanut butter and an hour later, the interloper was captured…humanely. Here’s how he did it.

1. Get a toilet paper tube and crease two lines to form a flat sided tunnel.

2. Put a treat on one end of the tube: A cracker and dab of peanut butter works great.

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How to mouse proof your house.

Picture it: The house is finally quiet. You’ve just slipped into your comfy bed. Your eyes lids ease together, wiping away the day. You are about to drift off when suddenly you hear a delicate scratching coming from behind the wall. Or was it coming from the ceiling? You lift your head and wait, just to make sure it wasn’t your imagination. Nope, there it is again. Scratch, scratch, scratch. A string of expletives cut through the air. Continue Reading