Styling a Credenza: Mid-Century Modern

MCM credenza - before Mid Century Credenza - after

This August we're devoting each week of the month to a different decor style or theme. This week, we're all about the mid-century modern (MCM) style. The clean lines, geometric shapes, and natural woods and metals make this style iconic and evergreen. MCM treasures are widely sought-after and coveted by collectors, making it difficult and pricey to get your hands on the real deal. 

The good news is you can achieve a MCM look in your home by mixing and matching vintage and modern pieces. Continue Reading

How to Throw a Mad Men Cocktail Party


The fourth season of Mad Men is in full gear and I’m not watching it. Why? Because I started watching the series on DVD and I want to continue watching it on DVD–sans commercials and stuff. (Spoiled, huh?) I am DVRing it, but now I’m torn. Do I watch it or wait for the DVDs which will come out in like a year?! Can I wait that long!? Oh the agony! People like those over at Chic and Charming can feel me. Continue Reading

Before and After: $4.99 Goodwill Chair Upholstery Demo

created at: 2009-09-24

Remember the stress of doing a demonstration speech in Speech 101? Reupholstering this chair in front of a classroom full of interior design students gave me the opportunity to sweat through this lovely experience one more time. Cutting foam, adding natural cotton batting (very fluffy and clumpy), and upholstering this mod side chair in front of a young, design hungry group made me vow to get better at these demos so I might take this show on the road.  Continue Reading

How to Web and Rebuild a Chair Seat

created at: 2009-05-20

So you found a fabulous chair by the dumpster. It’s unique, solid, and the price was right. What a find! The only problem is that you need to rebuild the entire chair seat, jute webbing and all.

Where do you begin?  This is fairly simple if you can see how it breaks down in three parts.

1. Re-web the seat

2. Add a piece of burlap

3. Cut and add the foam

You’ll need:

jute webbing

a web stretcher

electric or pneumatic stapler





electric knife

The Webbing:

1. Continue Reading