Desk-A-Day: Vitra’s Citizen Office


You know and love Vitra for its designer furniture and Girard Dolls; here’s their take on the modern office. They call it the ‘Citizen Office’, a concept that encourages occupants to work using a range of postures and to move within the office as much as possible. In the Citizen Office, employees decide the appropriate work style, posture and place to suit each activity. 


The ID High is 32 cm higher than a standard office swivel chair and thus corresponds to the standard height of standing tables.



DIY-able Suspended Shelving?


The designer of these shelves considered the lateral forces that affect the construction of a typical bookcase. He or she concluded that the majority of a standard bookcase’s structure was dedicated to resisting those lateral forces.


As an alternative to all that structural bulk, the maker decided to attach the back of the shelves to the wall and suspend their fronts from the ceiling via cable*, which solved the lateral forces conundrum. The prototype was made out of MDF and 3/16″ metal cable and came to about $35 in materials. Continue Reading

Minimalist Living Inspired by Nesting Dolls

created on: 03/11/08

Matryoshka dolls exemplify hidden spaces as one hides another and another and another. I actually have no idea if the dolls actually inspired Matroshka’s compact living concept, but I hope so.

created on: 03/11/08

The collection takes up a scant 43 square feet and includes:
a book shelf
a double bed
a sofa or corner sofa
a dinner table or sofa table
four stools
seating for 12
home office space
a wardrobe
cleaning products box
drawer for small clothing articles
folder storage
 created on: 03/11/08     

The designers hope to bring it into production soon. Continue Reading