How to Clean Mildew and Algae Off of Your Patio

 created at: 2009-05-17

Good thing I clicked on before renting a power washer to clean our concrete patio and pool deck. There’s more than a year’s worth of mildew and/or algae buildup that has spread around the concrete surface. I remember that my grandmother’s front steps looked like this. 

Tim Carter has a succint little video on  over on the right side as the featured video that shows you exactly how to clean that up and have your patio looking as good as new for summer grillin’. Continue Reading

Homemade Non-Toxic Mold Prevention Spray

created on: 01/08/09

Mold. It’s BAD NEWS. As well as just being gross it can do some pretty rotten things to your lungs.
Prevention is definitely the way to go, as once you’ve got mold it’s
the very devil to get rid of. Luckily, you don’t need harsh chemicals to
stop mold arriving and bringing 50 gazillion of it’s friends. Jennifer
Chait, green-mama-maven over at Inhabitots has a recipe for an
all-natural mold prevention spray.

You mix two cups of water and
three drops of pure organic tea tree essential oil, pop it in a spray
bottle and spritz (then wipe) your walls once a week.  Continue Reading

A Healthier, Greener Way to Get Rid of Mold.

Traditional methods of removing mold in your home calls for spraying the affected area with water mixed with harsh chemicals, such as ammonia or chlorine bleach. Unfortunately, chlorine bleach contains sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), which, when mixed with water forms hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

    Hypochlorous acid is a terrible irritant to human skin and tissues, and its fumes are harmful to eyes and lungs. Worse, when mixed with cleansers with ammonia (by would-be home cleansing chemists seeking double cleaning power), it can form chloramine gas, which can be deadly. Continue Reading