DIY Projection Screen.

Fan of impromptu drive-in theaters? Hardcore hometheater enthusiast? Shadow-puppet fanatic?

Then you need a big ol' screen on which you can project whatever feeds your need for eye candy.

Will O'Brien offers a how-to on creating your own large format screen- in 2.35:1!- from materials available at your local hardware store and fabric shop.




Box Office Decor: Taking Design Cues from the Cinema



The first time I saw A Clockwork Orange (at 13), I was way too young: too young for the content, too young to understand the themes, or even the intricacies of the plot, and too young to recognize it as fine piece of filmmaking (with a remarkable Moog soundtrack). In fact, the only thing I could really appreciate was the insane postmodern interiors of the set décor…From the Korova Milk Bar to the internal shots of the homes to the wildly psychedelic record store, the extreme wall treatments have always stuck with me as much as the social commentary on sex and violence. Continue Reading