12 Moving Tips For a Smooth Transition…from Someone Who’s Moved 12 Times

best moving tips
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Despite the fact that I hate to move, I've done it 12 times in my life…mostly in the past 15 years throughout college and during my twenties. So through trial and error, I've developed some pretty helpful moving tips and tricks. Keep reading to check them out!   


1. Seriously, one of the best moving tips is one you already know: label every box with its contents.

If you only use one of these tips, this should be it. Continue Reading

Apartment Hunting Tips: How to Find a Rental You’ll Actually Love

Apartment hunting 101

If you're currently apartment hunting, you're not alone. Over 36% of Americans rent their homes, and in these summer months, that means a good portion of renters are closing out old leases and moving to new places. Whether you're a new renter, or you've signed a few leases in your day, the whole process of apartment hunting can be overwhelming. There are so many options to sift through, scams to avoid, and factors to consider when figuring out how to find an apartment. Continue Reading

Moving? Clean These 6 Commonly Overlooked Areas Before Your Lease is Up

Moving? Don't forget to clean these 6 commonly overlooked areas

It’s the end of the month, and if your lease is up and you haven’t renewed, that means it’s time to move! When relocating to a new apartment, you likely have a million things on your to-do list. Between trying to secure a rental truck on the same weekend everyone else is, and sweet-talking your friends so they’ll help you haul all your stuff, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning. However, you don’t want to forget about your precious security deposit! Continue Reading

Your College Student Won’t Be Ready for Dorm Life Without These 13 Essential Items

The Essential Dorm Kit: Everything your college student needs when they fly the coop
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During my senior year of high school, I was given what I still count as one of the best gifts I've ever received. It was a tool set. Nothing fancy – just a hammer, some screwdrivers, and a cordless drill that died after 23 seconds of use. When I received it (it was given to me by my friend's brilliant and thoughtful dad), I thought it was cute and sweet, but not much more. Continue Reading

8 Simple Home Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In

About to move? Do you mostly love your new home, but there are just a few things that are outdated and won’t stop bugging you?

Don’t worry, you can still love your house in transition. Here are eight simple (and mostly inexpensive) things you can do on (or soon after) move in day to help your house feel more like you.   



1. Upgrade your locks

I know this doesn’t have a huge impact on your home, but upgrading your exterior locks will help you immediately feel secure in a new space. Continue Reading

I Hate Moving! Here Are Three Tips For Making It Less Painful

We just completed a big move from a small office space into a much larger, ‘OMG is this for real’ studio. For me, moving ranks right up there with the greatest of nuisances – dental visits, airport security lines, and flu shots. I recognize I’m complaining from a place of great privilege an opporunity … but moving just stinks.

To make this move slightly less irritating, I pulled out a few tricks I’ve learned from previous experiences:

Put on an audiobook

With silence comes boredom.  Continue Reading

How To: 15 Tips to Help Your Move Be Less Stressful

15 Tips For A Stress Free Move
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Moving to a new home is exciting as you start fresh and begin a new adventure. Moving can also be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 15 tips to help your next move be stree free.   


1. Slowly start packing soon after you decide to move. If you are selling your house you will need to remove clutter and personal items to best stage your home anyway so you might as well get started. Continue Reading

Tips For Staying Organized (& Stress-Free) While Moving

My husband and I have moved almost every year since we’ve been married. We’ve moved five times in five years and are preparing for our sixth! I’d say that qualifies me as a moving expert and I decided to share a few things I’ve learned over the years!      

 Moving is always such a stressful event, but you can help ease some of that stress by being as organized as possible. Here are a few tips to make the move go a little more smoothly:

Purge your household – Go through closets, cupboards, drawers, the basement, and anywhere else you store items. Continue Reading

Week 13 Journal: Pack ’em Up, Move ’em In

Moving in day at the Curbly HouseNine months ago, Alicia and I walked into a house with lights that wouldn’t light, windows that wouldn’t close, and a stale pall of neglect that was evident in every corner. And for some reason, we both decided we liked it. Not as it was then, of course, but as we pictured it could become.

After many months of hard work, bits of good and bad luck, and sleepless nights (thanks, Baby Z), we’re finally living in the place, and we couldn’t be happier. Continue Reading

A Guide to an Organized Move

created at: 06/18/2012We’re moving sometime in the next month. I hate the vague sound of that sentence, but it’s the truth. Our whole moving timeline is vague due to the fact that the Curbly House continues to be full of charming surprises that are pushing our move-in date back.

The realization that we’ll be having a new baby and moving into a new house only a few weeks apart is enough to induce even the calmest lady. Unfortunately for me, I am a Virgo to the core; way too Type A. Continue Reading