Nintendo Duck Hunt Art Bomb

The classiest piece of Duck Hunt art

Etsy seller dpad bombed a vintage duck print with the Duck from Nintendo’s Duck Hunt. The picture measures 21″ x 26″; the pixelated character is made from 1/4″ tiles cut from salvaged book covers. A fabulous idea that will make us take a closer look at all those ‘traditional’ prints we come across at garage sales. Just think of the possibilities!






Tetris Tiles.

Whether you want to add them piece by piece or “cheat” by nabbing the mosaic sheets, tiling will never be this fun again.

“For years people have asked us to come up with a fun and colourful
alternative to normal everyday tiles. So in 2007 we set about making Tetris Tiles and testing them in our friends homes. After a series of compliments
and “where did you get those?” we knew that there was enough of a
demand to get started. Continue Reading

NES Controller Coffee Table

NES. Super NES. Warm gooey Nostalgia.

I showed my sweetie Chrisjob’s post on the Nintoaster and he appears to be in love. It also reminded him of something else. THIS:

created on: 09/12/08

I am in love too. It combines a few of my favorite themes and things; old school consoles, coffee, storage (what?), and DIY. If you put a
wienerdog and a pygmy goat playing cards next to it and shifted the
whole thing to Bermuda… well, that’s what heaven looks like in my
head.  Continue Reading

Make a Super Mario “Goomba” Beanie.

I was fortunate to snag a Nintendo Wii when I was out of the country (still not available in the U.S., right?) and I'm finally building some Wii-mote skills on the marvellous Super Mario Galaxy, which is everybit as fun as Super Mario Brothers for the NES.

And it includes plenty of these goombas for the smashing, but thankfully none of those ducks with the turtle shells. 

Grab the goomba hat pattern here.