10+ Best Uses for Your Toaster Oven.


In my very first Curbly post EVER (almost 1,000 ago), I announced my love affair with the magical silver box that is my toaster oven. Way more effecient to run and way quicker to heat, the toaster oven is a great addition to small and large kitchens alike. The Kitchn has assembled 10 great times to opt for the tiny versions over the big dudes, and the comments are full of excellent additional options.

Plus, they’re perfect for Shrinky Dinks. Continue Reading

Create a pizza oven for $5.00!

Traditional bread and pizza ovens feature stone or brick floors (and walls), which retain heat and redistribute it evenly across the cooking surface. The intense and immediate heat from the preheated stone surface allows the dough to become crispy while maintaining a delightfully chewy texture.

To replicate this at home, one could spend $2,000-13,000 and buy a proper wood burning pizza oven, il forno di pizza. A more popular route is to purchase a “baking stone” or “pizza stone”, a flat, rectangular or circular slab of ceramic designed for the home oven. Continue Reading