How To: Make DIY Star Wars Snowflakes–Free Printables!

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes (FREE!)

This one goes out to all my Star Wars-obsessed friends and family–you know who you are.  I’m going out on a limb here and guessing you’ve got a few in your life, too?  Just call it a hunch.  Impress them this holiday season (or embrace your own Star Wars geekdom) with these hand-cut snowflakes!   


Chaunce Dolan from Matters of Grey created four unique Star Wars snowflake designs and, to help spread the geeky love, is offering printable PDF diagrams of each!   Continue Reading

How To: Make Awesome Paper Cut Coasters!

created at: 11/23/2011

At Curbly, we’ve got a little thing for paper cutting and coasters. But a project that combines two of our loves in one??  Well, that’s what I like to call a ‘craftgasm’.   


Today’s ‘gasm comes courtesy of paper craft master Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut (who will be teaching a class at the Altitude Design Summit–Are you going??).  All you need to make your own paper cut coasters is the following:

  • Blank tiles (super cheap at hardware stores)
  • Paper cut outs
  • Mod Podge or glue
  • Brush
  • Clear spray paint (gloss or satin)
  • Felt circles for the corners of the tiles or felt squares that are as large as the tiles
  • Adhesive for the felt (if not using the self-adhesive kind)

When you’ve gathered your supplies, hit up A Little Hut for the tutorial!   Continue Reading

How To: Scherenschnitte with X-ACTO

created at: 10/04/2011

A few weeks back the folks at X-ACTO offered to send over a few of their items for me to review. My first thought was, “What could I possibly have to say about X-ACTO that my fellow Curbliers don’t already know?” My next thought was, “Since I’ve never actually owned an X-ACTO, I can’t really answer that question.” I know, I know! How has a chronic DIYer never bought an X-ACTO?! Because such purchases occur to me when I’m at the checkout. Continue Reading

Upgrade Your Paperback Collection with Paper Silhouettes

created at: 08/29/2010

Whether you are tired of looking at the present contents of your book shelves or just want to shield your chosen reading material from prying eyes… 

ordinary paperbacks can be easily transformed by glueing practically any type of paper  directly to the exisiting cover.

These paperbacks were first covered with kid’s construction paper and then a paper animal silhouette was added.

created at: 08/29/2010


Select a piece of paper slightly bigger than the book you wish to cover. Continue Reading

Making pictorial snowflakes

These snowflake designs are quite remarkable. If you examine them closely, you’ll see pictures in them. Easy to make out are the seahorses and fish pictured above. Also easy to spot are these hearts, but note the ‘love border’. 

A little trickier yet is ‘Joy’ spelled out in the one below. The maker has included not only the folding and cutting methods but examples of the patterns he used as well. Again, remarkable. For the entire tutorial, head on over to Instructables. Continue Reading

Curbly Video Podcast: How To Make Picture Perfect Paper Snowflakes.

A piece of paper. A scissors. A scant five minutes. The results?

Holiday magic!


The paper snowflake is nearly everyone’s first Christmastide craft, and its elegant aesthetic keeps folks creating ’em, year after year. But my elementary-school snowflakes never really captured nature’s precise geometry and symmetry…they really looked more like crude doilies than lilting crystalline water.

As it turns out, the magic doesn’t lie in obsessive, intricate scissorwork…but rather in starting in the right place: folding technique. Continue Reading

From paper to asphalt shingles…the guillotine is best.

Okay, so after my last paper project, I decided to treat myself to a guillotine paper cutter to make life a bit easier. (I have a large rotary cutter, but they don’t work well cutting small pieces of paper.) I didn’t want anything big or, for that matter, expensive. A trip to my favorite office supply store turned up this very handy little Fiskars Mini Euro By Pass Paper Trimmer ($14.99). 

Last night, as I was showing MWT my new toy, he told me about a guy he knows who uses a guillotine paper trimmer (of the large, heavy duty, office variety) to cut asphalt shingles. Continue Reading