How To: Make Your Own Paper Pencils

created at: 05/10/2012

I thought these DIY paper pencils would fit in quite nicely with the “art” theme we’re rocking this month. The possibilities are as endless and pretty and artsy as you want them to be!   

The tutorial is for regular graphite, but you could easily create your own colored pencils, too. Just get your hands on the 2mm lead of your choice, grab some pretty paper* and your trusty bottle of ModPodge, then head over to Scissors.Paper.Wok for the complete tutorial! Continue Reading

Make It: An Easy No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll

created at: 10/03/2011

For students, artists, kids, or crafters this simple no-sew pencil holder is the perfect DIY project–or gift!  


Carla from Small + Friendly created this clever and easy crafting project from wool felt.  While her template (which you can download through her site) accommodates 24 pencils, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on your needs.  We love her suggestion of combining the pencil roll with a sketch book for an easy, semi-handmade gift!

Check out the instructions and download the template over on Small + Friendly!

DIY Idea: Make a Whimsical Wood Pencil Holder!

created at: 06/06/2011

Whether you’ve got some branches left over from making a few tree limb coasters or you’re just looking to add a few rustic embellishments to your abode, this whimsical pencil holder is just the DIY project you need!  

Andrea Hudson of the blog Strawberry Chic shares this simple DIY accessory that’ll add a perfect touch of rustic, organic charm to your office, kitchen nook, or craft areas.  To get started, all you’ll need is:

  • Hand saw
  • Small slice of wood from a large branch or tree base, about 6″ diameter
  • Drill (drill bit size of about 7/16″)
  • Sand paper

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, check out Strawberry Chic for the full tutorial – and more pretty photos!

Secondhand Chic: Turning a Backgammon Game into the Most Awesome Pencil Box Ever.

created at: 04/14/2010

So one of the five projects I contributed to Make It! Secondhand Chic is an embroidered boxes how-to, which includes two of my original embroidery patterns. I purchased the wooden 7 1/2″ x 11 3/4″ backgammon set pictured above to include in the tutorial, but my idea of turning it into a pencil box didn’t really fall into the how-to’s category, which was ‘The Bathroom’, unless, of course, you’re in the habit of sketching in the tub. Continue Reading

Join the colored pencil of the month club.

created at: 2009-09-08

Imagine receiving 25 colored pencils a month for 20 months. Each pencil’s color is as unique as its name. (Have you ever wondered what color a Mermaid’s Gown might be? How about Frog Pond?) They’re shipped around the 10th of every month via Express Mail and cost 33 bucks a month, or, in other words, 660 smackers when the subscription is completed. To read more about the pencils, follow this link to 500 Pencils. And if you’d wonder how you’d store 500 pencils, check out the Orchestra Display Case. Continue Reading