How To: Make Your Own DIY Dog Treats!

In this post, you'll learn how to make dog treats that are healthy and all-natural. 

how to make dog treats

I'm known around these parts as “the crazy Schnauzer lady”, but in truth, I'm crazy about ALL dogs… and think they deserve some tasty, homemade treats every now and then!  This simple, two-ingredient recipe can be customized like nobody's business, so get creative and have a little fun (while pampering your pooch) with this easy dog treat recipe!   


I love my homemade dog treat!

I originally made these treats for Wrigley's first birthday (yes, I celebrated it. Continue Reading

5 Quick and Easy DIYs For Your Dog

5 Quick and Easy DIYs For Your Dog
Photo: Studio DIY

So your fur baby has been bugging you incessantly to go outside, but it’s still freezing cold out. I hear ya. Well, why not treat him or her to a fun new toy? Or bed? Or bow tie? Today we have five quick and easy DIYs that Fido is sure to love. Click through to check ’em out .   


5 Quick and Easy DIYs For Your Dog
Photo: Mama In A Stitch

1. Make one of these impossibly adorable bow ties with some leftover yarn. Continue Reading

How to: Purrfectly Simple DIY Cat Bed

Make It! DIY Cat Bed

I love my cat. I’m not shy about admitting that (I even mention it in my bio). I’m also not ashamed to say I think she’s the best cat in the world. Her name is Donut, but I also refer to her as “Angel Face” or “Precious Baby Kitty” (which drives my fiancé crazy, I’m sure). The cat drinks filtered water and has a basket full of toys. She’s one of the more spoiled cats out there, and leads a pretty cushy life (as evidenced by this plushy DIY cat bed I made especially for her).           Continue Reading

Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog or Cat

Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Studio DIY

Halloween is right around the corner, which means that it's time to start thinking about costumes… and if you have a dog or a cat, then perhaps you're considering dressing them up too! Click through to check out ten of our favorite simple DIY costumes for your pet (or just to have a good laugh!).   


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: HGTV

1. Give your dog or cat a professional look with this adorable business man costume. Here's the tutorial. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Leather & Canvas Dog Bed

Make It: DIY Leather & Canvas Dog Bed
photo: Always Rooney

I'm particular about dog beds. A lot of them are just too plush for my taste. I like it simple. So this gorgeous leather & canvas DIY project is one that I would gladly keep out around the clock! And what she uses to get that pattern is genius!      

 This simple dog bed looks easy enough to create in an afternoon! And you can use a sharpie or cloth marker to draw any design up top! Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 Furniture Turned Pet Bed Projects

Besides DIYing, DIYers love their pets. These 15 examples prove as much. From magical to minimal, from challenging to easy, there’s something for every decor and skill level. 

We’re starting of with this lovely entry from DIY Network in which a rather roomy  dresser was turned into the perfect spot for poochie. Click here to read how it was accomplished. 

Jorden turned a second-hand night stand into this snuggly pet bed.

Another side table, this time an awkward one, is a perfect place for Mr. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Easy DIY Projects For Your Pets and Furry Friends

When I adopted my puggle, Charlie, two years ago, one of the biggest surprises was how much stuff I needed to get for him…and how expensive everything was. So of course, the logical solution was to start making things… and you can too! Here are ten of my favorite projects.   


1. Upcycle those holiday popcorn tins into stylish cat or dog food storage containers. Print out the custom labels and read the tutorial here. [Photo: Momtastic]

2. Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Modern Bird Feeder

created at: 04/19/2011

If I were a pet owner…buddy, my guys would be living in style. Mod dog houses, pet beds, Eames dot collars, you name it. After all, they’d have to go in my house, which doesn’t contain a lick of traditional nor country.

But, I’m not a pet owner. I have quite strong allergies to most any creature, and so, my only option is to share the modernism with the little guys who live outside my house. Continue Reading

Turn a Secondhand Night Stand into a Snuggly Dog Bed

created at: 04/18/2011

Jordan says, “I inherited a bunch of my grandmother’s old furniture, but over the years (and several moves) I’ve ended up giving away or selling most of it. At this point, all I have left is a floral chair that I’m planning on recovering and a clunky side table that I’ve never found particularly useful (it has no shelves inside, so isn’t really good for storing the kinds of small things you keep in bedside tables…and I don’t have space for it anywhere else). Continue Reading