How To: Fuse Plastic Bags + Make a Sunglasses Case!

Reuse and recycle: Make fabric from old plastic bags

As Earth Day approaches (mark your calendars! April 22nd!), I’ve been thinking about ways to reduce and reuse the things I don’t need in my life anymore. I’m pretty good about recycling what I can – cardboard, papers, and bottles go in the curbside recycling, and compost I take to the local natural foods store. Plastic bags go to grocery stores with those plastic bag bins up front, along with other random thinner plastics like cereal bags, plastic wrap, and bread bags. Continue Reading

How to Fold that Hoard of Plastic Bags that Lives Under Your Kitchen Sink

Life Hack: The quickest and easiest way to fold plastic shopping bags

I am pretty good about remembering to bring my reusable shopping bags with me when I pick up groceries. I walk in the store with my canvas bags, and I leave with my groceries and only those bags (and usually a pint of Ben & Jerry’s – don’t judge me). No matter how hard I try, plastic shopping bags still seem to magically appear under my kitchen sink. While tiny bags are handy to have around (fellow pet owners may agree with me here), keeping them from looking like a literal wad of trash is tricky. Continue Reading

Make It: Watertight Plastic Bag Containers

created at: 09/28/2011

I have a soft spot for DIYs that have the ability to look like art installations but are also functional. Such is the case with these watertight plastic bag containers that serve a million and one purposes!  

created at: 09/28/2011

There’s not a whole lot to them, but the results are impressive – don’t you think? Because they’re watertight I think a group of the cups or bowls would make for great seed starters come spring. I’m also entertaining visions of a rainbow of organizational containers on my desk. Continue Reading

Turning Plastic Bags Into Mandala Art

created at: 07/11/2011

Artist Virginia Fleck has found a most beautiful use for discarded plastic bags: she turns them into mandalas. I’m guessing that there’s some fusing going on here. The results are quite amazing, and even more so when considering they started as garbage. 

created at: 07/11/2011

To see more of her work, follow this link to her website. It’s very cool. The ‘magnifying glass’ helps you see all the details…and some very familiar logos.

created at: 07/11/2011

Nudge to Great Green Goods.

How to Turn Plastic Bags into a Table Lamp

Urban Threads actually turned plastic Target bags into a lamp. I still can’t quite believe it even after reading the tute! 

First they fuse the bags. To do that, you’ll need the following:

  • parchment paper
  • a scissor
  • an iron 
  • leftover plastic bags

To make the lamp’s structure, you’ll need this stuff:

  • 6 thin square dowels, about 1/4″ thick
  • a small wood saw
  • wood glue
  • binder clips
  • X-acto knife, ruler and pencil
  • You’ll need some sort of light source.
Continue Reading

Plastic Grocery Bag Origami

Do you have a plastic grocery bag stash? Maybe you even made one of these or these. Maybe they’re just stuffed willy-nilly into another grocery bag. And then, one you pull one out, about six more come with it. Well….Cafe Munchkin has solved that multiple withdrawal problem. Enter plastic grocery bag origami! Basically, the technique is similar if not exactly like folding an American flag. The result, however, is a neat little triangle that takes up a fraction of the space as a crumpled up grocery bag. Continue Reading

10 Clever Uses for Plastic Bags

Woman wearing plastic bags as knee pads
  1. Knee protectors for gardening.
  2. Makeshift hand protectors–they’re not just for picking up doggy doo!
  3. Paintbrush prolongers.
  4. Impromptu rain hats.
  5. Kitchen cleanup helpers.
  6. Wrapping paper. (Cuter than you might imagine!)
  7. Wet umbrella holders.
  8. Impromptu shoe protectors. 
  9. Cookbook protectors. (Love this one.)
  10. Plant fillers.

Have a clever use for plastic bags to add to this list from Real Simple? Please add it in the comments below!

Image: Kana Okada


Why Ms. Plastic Bag, You’re Beautiful!

I don’t know if Martha would approve, or even how they would look in the cold light of day. But at night? Pretty magical.

created at: 2009-04-30


created at: 2009-04-30

80 bags o’ light were a temporary art installation outside of the Museo
Del Prado in Madrid. They would prob’ly be super-easy to recreate, even
if you just jammed a few lurking bags over some outdoor bulbs for a temporary change up.

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Recycled Plastic Bag Chair

South African designer Ryan Frank was inspired by a South African crafted chicken ornament when creating this chair. Named ‘Inkuku’, which is Zulu for chicken, the chair is ‘made entirely from plastic shopping bags combining traditional craft techniques and recycled material.’ The structure is made of recycled aluminum as well. To see more of Ryan’s designs, visit his website. Via.

Chicken ornament inspiration: