DIY Upholstered Outdoor Dog Bed

DIY Upholstered Outdoor Dog Bed
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

My dog Charlie loves to sit outside just as much as I do, but he's a bit too big to lay comfortably on a chair or ottoman. So, I thought it would be fun to make an outdoor daybed for him. Click through to find out how to make an upholstered bed for your own furry friend!   


Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Begin by staining your wood. Continue Reading

DIY Rolling Clothing Rack, a.k.a. How to Double Your Wardrobe Space

Make a rolling clothing rack from plywood and conduit
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You might know my wife, Alicia, from her amazing room makeovers here on Curbly (seriously, check out her work on the 2017 Curbly House – it’s awesome). But unless you’ve been following along really closely, you might not know that she’s also an entrepreneur. Last year, she and her business partner started a women’s clothing called Niche. They have put on several pop-up shop events here in St. Continue Reading

How I Built a Breakfast Nook Table in a Day

How to make a small dining table in a day
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When you live in a small house or apartment, one big challenge you face is finding furniture to fit the scale of your space. I live in a compact two-bedroom with my fiancée, and furnishing it has been a slow process. Rather than being frustrated by how cramped it can feel, we try to cooperate with the space we have. That means rejecting the idea of a full-sized couch and opting for a larger loveseat. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern DIY Plywood Media Console

Looking for an affordable and modern media console, but underwhelmed by your options? *cough IKEA cough* Don’t despare! Get all your entertainment organization needs met with this awesome DIY media center!        

This project will set you back about $40-50, according to Ben at HomeMade Modern, and only requires one Saturday’s worth of time (around 8 hours, if you’re counting). You can also customize it with colored back panels or different bases, like so:

Pretty cool, if you ask me. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern DIY Plywood Stool

created at: 02/06/2013

I spotted this ridiculously awesome (and relatively easy) DIY furniture project the other day and thought, “Oh my goodness. The world must know of this!” And you are the world, dear Curbliers — or we are, if Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie are to be believed.     

All that to say, this project is rad/awesome/fantastic/whatever your adjective-of-choice happens to be — and I HAD to share it. Check the details and full how-to on A Beautiful Mess!

Make It: Easy DIY Silhouette Wall Art!

created at: 09/19/2011

While cameos and silhouettes of loved ones have been found in homes for, well, a long long time, they have recently made a comeback in more modernized forms – like this easy DIY plywood version!  

We found this project in the Lowe’s “Idea Library“, an online inspiration center where the national home improvement store shares a wide range of projects for everyone from beginners to seasoned DIYers.  This particular project is capital E-A-S-Y!

To make your own graphic silhouette wall art, all you need is the following:

  • desired image/silhouette printed out to-size
  • plywood, cut to desired size
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • paint

Click on through to the Lowe’s Idea Library for the full tutorial to learn how to make your own customized cameo!

Inspiration: Plywood Floors (How-to Included)

diy plywood flooring

A few years ago, I went to a party held in the home of a former Minneapolis Institute of Arts dean. We guests gathered in his studio for the night's merriment. I'm always thrilled when entering such spaces as they invariably provide a creative jolt. In this instance, however, I wasn't only inspired by the art displayed throughout the space but also the flooring of the dean's studio. It was raw plywood with only smatterings of paint from his work finishing it here and there. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Plywood Countertops

created at: 04/11/2011

Like many people living in the ‘burbs, our kitchen counters boast that favorite of builder-grade materials: laminate.  We desperately want to replace them with something more in line with our style (and budget) and have tossed around the idea of DIY concrete counters or going the IKEA butcher block route.  But then I saw this: countertops made from plywood.  

Yes, plywood!  That’s not a material I would have ever considered for kitchen counters, would you?  I like the overall look in the Scandinavian-styled cottage (above) and think it works fairly well in the kitchen below.   Continue Reading

How To: Make a Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

created on: 01/10/09

A custom, zero clearance insert plate for your table or band saw minimizes tearout and prevents those tiny bits from dropping into the blade throat. From, “A zero clearance insert is a substitute for the throat plate that came with your table saw. The opening in the insert is cut on the table saw to the exact width of the saw blade’s kerf, thereby preventing thin slices of wood from jamming in between the blade and the throat plate during a cut, and reducing the amount of tear-out that can happen with a standard insert.”

And you can get blanks for to make your own from such places as Rockler. Continue Reading