The “Does It Work?” Challenge: Polishing Silver with Baking Soda

created at: 03/12/2012

In observance of Cleaning and Organization month on Curbly, we’re staging our own version of Mythbusters and trying out some fabled household tips and tricks to see if they really work. Yesterday, I tried cleaning windows with newspaper and coffee filters. Today I attempt polishing silver with a shortcut using baking soda, but not in the way you might think….
First I gathered up my tarnished silver. Despite my high falutin’ nature, I didn’t have that much to choose from.
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Clean Silverware Quick!

Holidays are nearly here, which means it’s almost time to break out the fancy flatware.

created on: 11/23/08

In my family polishing the silverware for big shindigs was
always a job delegated to kids and grown-ups not quick enough to come
up with an excuse. At the time I hated it but now… kinda comforting.

If you have neither the time nor the inclination (or a few children to
use as cheap labour) to get with the polishing, then you could try the
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