Gorgeous Residential Cantilever

Modern Bungalow by Guz Architects

Technically, this isn’t a cantilever, but who cares? It feels like one and it’s stunning. It’s a wing of the Fish House, located in Singapore and desinged by Guz Architects. The design takes full advantage of the ocean views. Although, these images make the sea beyond pale in comparison. 

Modern Bungalow by Guz Architects

To see more images-both outside and in–of the Fish House, visit Home Reviews.

The World’s Scariest Swimming Pool

2Modern put together a montage of infinity pools, and there’s one in the bunch that gives me a series case of the yips just lookin’ at it. Located in the world’s most expensive hotel, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, it’s three times the length of an Olympic pool and it’s 55 stories above the ground. The water at the ‘infinity’ edge, spills into a containment area that’s pumped back into the main part of the pool.  Continue Reading

The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Space

Unique Homes polled their readers and they ‘overwhelmingly’ selected this Frank McKinney creation as having the ultimate pool/outdoor entertainment space. The residence, named Acqua Liana, is located in Palm Beach, Florida. McKinney is famous for his ocean front property, and taking a look at Acqua Liana, you can tell why. Water falls, water gardens, pools, reflecting ponds, spas, and the ocean vistas all intertwine for a stunning effect. 

$FIRE SPA & CAPTIVATING POOL.reducedFor a tour of the home, which just might leave you speechless, check out the video tour below. Continue Reading

Literally, Dumpster Diving

created at: 2009-07-10

Macro Sea, a group whose mission is to “do projects we find interesting” has gone outside the box in their quest to reclaim urban spaces. Mindfully providing an antitdote to the hot summer heat, they’ve gone to Brooklyn and converted old dumpsters and an abandoned strip mall into an urban oasis for Friday pool parties.They plan on expanding the reclamation of empty strip malls across the country to turn them into Summer Fun. Read the full story in ReadyMade. Continue Reading

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool

created on: 09/03/08

At 1,000 yards long, this man-made crystal-clear salt-water lagoon covers 20 acres, has a 115 ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water. Located at the San Alfonso de Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, the pool took 5 years and 1 billion pounds to build and 2 million pounds a year just to maintain. It draws water from the sea and filters it, keeping it in constant circulation. Warmed by the sun, the pool reaches 26C or about 9 degrees warmer than the sea next to it. Continue Reading