DIY Milk Carton Planter

created at: 08/29/2010

Don’t throw away those half-gallon cartons! With a little glue and jute twine they can be transformed into attractive (and surprisingly sturdy) little planters. Here’s how to do it:

#1: Mark a cutting line around the outside of the milk carton. This little pot is 3 inches tall, but any height will work.

#2: Use scissors or a knife to cut along the line you marked in #1. Toss the upper portion in the recycling.

#3: Spread a thin, even coat of white glue over the outside walls (but not the bottom) of the carton. Continue Reading

2 in 1 Lamp & Indoor Garden

Have you seen those AreoGarden deals? They’re usually displayed in stores with plastic ‘herbs’ growing in them, which only highlights the less than aesthetically pleasing design of the contraption itself. Studio Shulab has come up with a 2 in 1 alternative that actually looks good.

The lamp uses LED and the center bit telescopes so you can raise it as your herbs grow higher. It’s in the concept stage right now, but hopefully it will be available soon. Continue Reading

The Container Gardening Craze!

The Lifestyle section of MSN offers an article from Country Living on the myriad options of growing contained greenery. “The most utilitarian of garden objects, pots serve several vital functions. First, they're home to plants we can’t or don't want to grow directly in the ground (this includes house plants). In regions where the soil is dense with clay, containers offer gardeners a welcoming environment in which t nurture plants that sulk and die in heavy soil, such as lilies, tomatoes, and lavender. Continue Reading

Potted Light Bulb Lamp: Easy to “Grow”; Provides Its Own Light

A while back while ogling property in the historic district of Savannah, GA, I saw some interesting lamps sitting on the window ledges of a building occupied by the Savannah College of Art and Design. Although I don’t know how the lamps were made, they were easy to reproduce. This is my interpretation of them. Note, some wiring experience would be helpful with assembly, but, still, it’s an easy project. I found the electrical supples at Menard’s. Continue Reading