Make This: Scandinavian-Inspired Hand Printed Tablecloth

Make This: Simple Swiss-Cross Patterend Stamped Tablecloth

Make This: Scandinavian Tablecloth

I can’t get enough of Scandinavian design, and I’m on the hunt for ways to bring this style into my home. The decor in my house hasn’t had a theme until very recently (unless you consider furniture inherited from past roommates a theme). Now that I’m almost 30 (panicked bells ringing as I type that), the items in my home are brought in with more intention. I love all things monochromatic, so the Scandinavian look fits my mostly-gray furniture perfectly. Continue Reading

Ultimate Thanksgiving: Potato, Potahto

Curbly's Ultimate Thanksgiving Potato Recipe Roundup

Potatoes are the bridge-builders, the peacemakers, the United Nations of the thanksgiving table. Some people hate Turkey. Others hate yams. Not everyone likes pie. But everyone likes potatoes. Mash-em, bake-em, roast-em, shake-em … as long as they’re not raw or made from a powdered mix, people will eat your potatoes.

Here’s a collection of interesting, delicious-sounding, or well-reviewed potato recipes to help you tame the Thanksgiving table. We’ll keep it updated with new ones we find over the next few weeks (send suggestions to or leave them in the comments). Continue Reading

A new way to roast a potato

Part baked potato, part french fry, part potato chip, this spud is a tuber-lover’s dream. Our source tells us all we have to do is scrub a whole potato and then, using a very sharp knife, cut slices ‘without going all the way through’. Brush them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and kosher salt with a dusting of paprika. You can add fresh herbs too or tuck thin slices of onion between the potato slices. Continue Reading