Would You Live in an IKEA House?

A few weeks back, Ideabox unveiled its first prefab home for the US market. Designed in collaboration with IKEA Portland, the house even has an IKEA name: aktiv.    

The one bedroom, one bathroom house comes partially finished (with IKEA appointments, of course) and costs $86,500. Ideabox designed the layout, but they let their clients choose the colors. So, what do you think? Would you live in the aktiv?

See more pictures at Ideabox.

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Mini PreFab

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A 12 x 12 foot bedroom is a pretty good sized bedroom, no? Now imagine if that room’s dimensions were the dimensions of an entire house. Well, that’s the size of James Stuart’s Twelve3 prefab home.    He started Twelve3 about a year ago and plans to manufacture homes like his flat-packed and ready for shipping. The buyers would be responsible for assembling the homes. Prices would start at $25K CDN.

The 144 square foot homes will include a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space.  Continue Reading

The Ab-Fab FabCab

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FabCab is short for Fabulous Cabin and it lives up to its name. The timber frame kit home debuted at the 2010 Seattle Home Show to onlookers’ delight. The kit is shipped to the homeowner and then erected by a licensed contractor. Is it DIYable? Since the kit comes in pre-cut parts, possibly, if you have experience with construction of that sort.     

The kits are chock full of eco-friendliness including sustainable Doug Fir and low VOC pains. Continue Reading

The Fall Creek Mobile Cabin

Cabins should be small. And they could look like cabins…inside and out. Otherwise they really aren’t ‘cabins’ are they? So now that I’ve gotten that decree out of the way, check out this little gem from Montana Mobile Cabins. It’s a tidy little 14′ x 20′ and it fits my prescription for what a cabin should look like….inside and out. It has a full loft, studio kitchen, bath, and great room. The price? According to the maker’s website a model of this size would set you back around 50K or so, but that doesn’t include electrical, plumbing or interior walls. Continue Reading

Two-Story Prefab

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab

From Stillwater Dwellings in Bend, Oregon, this 2,950 s.f. prefab should sway any prefab-nay-sayers. Take a look inside:

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab3

Besides being gorgeous, Stillwater Dwellings are seriously eco-friendly as evidenced by such things as bamboo, low-VOC paints, high efficiency lighting and high-performance insulation, as well as many other ‘green’ choices. And get this, their prefab factories produce 50% to 75% less waste than traditional site-built homes. I wonder if they deliver??

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab4

A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab5

To see more images, visit Homedit.

The Cutest Little PreFab Ever!

created at: 2009-08-10

If the Carre D’etoiles had cheeks I’d pinch ’em! The little French prefab cubes are what we here in MN would call cabins, but they’re unlike any cabin I’ve ever seen. They’re about 10′ x 10′ square of pure luxury.

created at: 2009-08-10

They have everything you need to get away from it all, including a corner kitchen, a bathroom, bed and parquet floors, as well as a flat panel tv. They’re also mp3, telephone and internet ready. The icing on these little cakes, for me, are their sky observation kits, which include an astronomical telescope, a stellar chart and ‘pedagogical games on astronomy’. Continue Reading

Sustainable Easy Domes.

From Inhabitat:

“Echoing the structures of Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Domes, Danish Architect Kári Thomsen and Engineer Ole Vanggaard have created Easy Domes,
a series of quick assembly, low-energy homes! Following the success of
the first Easy Dome home built in 1992 for the Greenland Society on The Faroe Islands, a number of dome-shaped cottages were erected as tourist getaways.
Since then, the buildings have been put into production and delivery of
these fabulous prefab buildings was initiated early this summer!”

Easy Domes, sustainable homes, geodesic dome homes, geodesic homes, Kari Thomsen, Ole Vanggaard

Easy Domes, sustainable homes, geodesic dome homes, geodesic homes, Kari Thomsen, Ole Vanggaard

Easy Domes