These Are the Best Privacy Options for Your Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows are unique, both in form and function. They need to let light into a small space, while at the same time, afford you privacy. Here's how to get the best of both worlds.  

Bathroom Windows Privacy Solutions For Every Budget

Every bathroom in my home has a window, some of them quite large. Our current master bathroom even has one in the shower. That doesn't seem so bad (hooray, natural light!), except the window looks directly out onto the porch right next to our front door.  Continue Reading

How to ‘Frost’ a Window with Contact Paper

created at: 08/11/2011

Ashley was wigged out by the ‘scary dark nothingness’ of her naked door window. A quick cover of various items such as craft paper and even pages from magazines took away the yips, but they weren’t very decorative, to say the least. So…Ashley got all crafty with some Contact paper and created a Moroccan inspired window treatment. This is what the nothingness looks like now:   

created at: 08/11/2011

Here’s what you’ll need to duplicate the results:

To see how the entire project came together, visit 7th House on the Left. Continue Reading

Clever Window Cling

Strössel Design’s window cling, available in four patterns, provides privacy and style. In rolls of 34 x 98 & 48 x 120 cm (for 20 to 27 bucks from Scandinavian Design Center), the decorative film adheres to clean glass with nothing but static, which means it’s easily removed and reused. Much more tasteful than those holiday window cling decorations, no?