Decorate with Effortless Ombre Mini Pumpkins this Fall

Mini ombre pumpkins DIY

I'm all about that ombre look, so why not bring it into your fall decor and maybe even change up the color scheme this season? Rather than sticking to a traditional red, yellow, orange and brown pallette this season, you can bring in brighter versions as well as colors like pink, peach and coral. These cute, effortless mini ombre pumpkins are fun to make and decorate your home for fall.        

Creating an ombre effect is easier than you'd think, and the key to achieving it on something small like a pumpkin is a sponge brush. Continue Reading

Roundup: 25 Painted Pumpkin DIYs To Try

25 Painted Pumpkin DIYs To Try
Photo: Vitamini Handmade

Sometimes it’s just more pleasant to paint pumpkins, rather than scooping out all of those gooey seeds. Not to mention, un-carved pumpkins last way longer. So we decided to round up 25 awesome painted pumpkin DIYs for your to try. Here we go!   


25 Painted Pumpkin DIYs To Try

1. If you’re a designer (or just a color lover!) then these PANTONE pumpkins might be for you. Check them out here. [Photo: Posh Little Designs]

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Roundup: 13 Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins After Halloween is Over

Now that Halloween is over, you may be ready to throw out (or store) the pumpkins you had on your porch. But you can still get some good use out of this seasonal item, as long as it hasn’t been carved. Here are 13 ways to decorate with pumpkins for Thanksgiving and the remainder of the fall season.   


1. Chalkboard Menu Pumpkin for Thanksgiving

2. Take Pumpkins from the Halloween Party to the Thanksgiving  Dinner Table

3. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Jaw-Dropping Carved Pumpkin Designs

10 Unbelievably Intricate Carved Pumpkin Ideas

We’re only days away from Halloween, so I thought it would be fun take a peek at some super impressive carved pumpkins. You won’t be believe your eyes. And these intricate designs can be recreated at home… some of them even come with tutorials! Keep reading to check them out.   


10 Unbelievably Intricate Carved Pumpkin Ideas

1. Find out how to make your own version of these lace-inspired pumpkins right here. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

2. This pumpkin version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night was put on display at the Museum of Modern Art on Halloween a couple of years ago. Continue Reading

6 Unique Ways to Use Pumpkins This Season

Last week was the Curbly Pumpkin Challenge, where Curbly authors came up with 6 DIY entertaining and decor ideas for pumpkins this Halloween. There were some really fun ideas, including mini pumpkin vases, pumpkin cups (and mugs) for fall beverages, a painted peephole pumpkin idea, and more. Want to see all six ideas?   

Here are 6 DIY ways to use pumpkins, in a unique way…

1. How to Make DIY Pumpkin Cups and Mugs for Fall Beverages

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Roundup: 12 Unique Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins This Fall

unique ways to decorate with pumpkinsBy now, you’ve probably catalogued over one hundred ideas for decorating your pumpkins this Halloween. Traditionally, they sit on the porch to light the way for trick-or-treaters. Why don’t we switch things up this year? Here are twelve unique ways to decorate WITH and use pumpkins in and around your home!      


unique ways to decorate with pumpkins 1. Turn your pumpkins into miniature vampires and line the table! via Freutcake 

2. Use a bunch of mini pumpkins to create a door wreath! Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Functional Pumpkin And Gourd Ideas

Pumpkins and gourds are fun to decorate with, but are usually just that – decorations. Why not use them for something at the same time? Here are ten creative ways to use pumpkins and gourds as functional decor in your home.   


1. Display your house number on pumpkins! Find out how here. [Photo: At The Picket Fence

2. Use a colorful gourd to make a vase. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: Lemon Tree Creations]

3. Continue Reading

Another (DIY) Use for Pumpkins this Season

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving this year, and they don’t have to be destined for the trash after Halloween is over. Here’s a DIY use for pumpkins that makes them usable long after Halloween is over and actually makes them functional as well.    

Steph from Henry Happened made these useful pumpkin candles that can be used for Halloween parties, fall gatherings, and even the Thanksgiving season.

For the full tutorial and more photos, visit Henry Happened.

Make It: Painted Patterned Pumpkins!

created at: 10/24/2011

These pretty painted patterned pumpkins (say that ten times fast!) are inspired by bold textiles like Suzani fabrics, Missoni, and traditional Indonesian Ikat.  While the source material may be classic, these pumpkins are anything but!  


Alisa Burke created these gorgeous painted pumpkins as a long-lasting and eye-catching alternative to traditional carved pumpkins.  While each pattern is unique enough to hold its own, I love the way they look all grouped together!  (Although, if I had to pick, the Ikat one is my fave–what’s yours?)  Check out more of Alisa’s textile-patterned pumpkins on her blog Redefine Creativity! Continue Reading

How To: Make Yarn-Wrapped Gourds for Fall!

created at: 10/17/2011

It’s officially sweater season–even for pumpkins.  Give those dutiful gourds their own yarn-wrapped treatment and warm up your decor in one fell swoop!  


Believe it or not, these cozy-looking gourds and pumpkins started their lives as plastic dollar store finds.  Jessica from Two Shades of Pink scored a pack of five for $1 then added a few larger gourds to the mix.  Using yarn she had on hand and her trusty glue gun, she created one of the most cost-effective, easy, and darling fall crafts I’ve seen in a while!   Continue Reading