What Was Used To Make This Mod Square Minimalist Lamp?

Minimalistic, boxy and transparent. What is this lamp made from?

Ahhhh! Now you can see it.

San Francisco based Transparent House pays homage to the 80’s with its TapeLamp. 100 cassette tapes and two sheets of plexiglass–MINIMAL!. Completely handmade in San Francisco, only 2-3 are made per month. Available on Etsy for $1200.00.

10 New Things Made from Recycled Tires

created at: 2009-02-18

We’ve been recycling rubber tires since, well, the invention of the rubber tire.  Remember those clunky tire sandals? As an homage to the art of recycled tires, here are 10 pretty decent looking products made from recycled tires, wheels and inner tubes.  For your added value, you get a link at the bottom to the instructions and pattern for making your own nerdy, yet eco-cool sandals from recycled tires.

1. Andy Gregg’s Bike Furniture (above and below)

created at: 2009-02-18

(Image credit:Dvice)


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