Nancy’s Total Family Room Overhaul

A self-described design enthusiast, Nancy Marcus Gueret managed to achieve what I would call a Regency style family room  makeover that will knock your socks off. It’s no wonder her friends and family enlist her help with their own decorating dilemmas.  Actually, she’s done a multiple room makeover job that’s as good as any decorator I’ve ever seen.

Before you click over to her blog, MarcusDesign to get inspired, look at her master bedroom transformation.

Visit her to see her full tutorial on the Ikea dressers turned Dorothy Draper Lookalikes.

4 Bold and Bright Headboard Ideas To Spark Up Your Bedroom

This tweener week is the time I look around my  tired old digs and realize I need some fresh decorating inspiration. It’s time to stir things up a bit. I’ve loved my hanging headboard long enough. Here are 4 fresh headboard ideas guaranteed to lift your decor out of the winter doldrums and make you love hanging out in your bedroom on cold winter nights. This blue headboard is easier to make than it looks, but I am really enamored with  the polka dot bench with those luscious acrylic legs. Continue Reading

5 Tips To Make Your Space Much More Interesting

Choosing interesting furnishings is like choosing interesting clothing and accessories, only bigger. The right mix and match of (personally) significant  pieces is the new design aesthetic. L.A. designer Alison Blumenfeld recently shared her tips while blogging over at Cocozy.

Since it’s your space, it needs to be about your life, your personality, and your experiences. How do you translate that into home furnishings? Alison spells it out right here. While you may feel nervous about breaking out of the box, it’s really quite freeing. Continue Reading

Meg Ryan’s Design Tips

An interior design enthusiast and remodeling junkie, Meg Ryan is a Curblier at heart. (Even if she doesn’t know it.) In the June 2010 issue of Elle Decor, Meg gives us a tour of her Martha Vinyard’s home. Meg did use the help of decorator Marsha Russel of Satinwood Ltd, who, according to Marsha was basically a sounding board and procurer. Meg was the visionary. We can get a peek inside Meg’s house on Elle Decor’s website, but for the full experience, we’ll have to spring for a copy of the magazine. Continue Reading

How to Enhance What You Have in a Guest Bedroom Makeover

created at: 03/29/2010

We’ve all had white rooms where furniture was dumped and that was that. One day you look in and decide you can’t stand it for one more minute. This guest room was in serious need of some TLC.

The homeowner wanted to keep the four poster bed and her grandfather’s desk. Instead of limiting the options of the decorator, this seemed to have set up a nice roadmap for the trip. Take a look at how designer, Anne Turner Carroll turned this blank slate into an eye-popping cozy guest hideaway.  Continue Reading

DIY: 5 Professional Painting Tips

created at: 2009-04-12

Some of us fear a painting project, but experience has shown me that once you get your method down, it can really be quite therapeutic. You don’t have to purchase tricky rollers, gadgets, different tapes and throws. Keep it simple or you won’t want to return to the project. 

Here are 5 pared down tips from DIY Guy at Popular Mechanics.   Simple is best and the short list says it all.  

1. Tint the primer

2. Continue Reading

Has anyone ever painted over wallpaper?

This weekend I was watching one of my favorite home make over shows–Sell this House–and my girl-crush Tanya Memme was explaining how they were going to paint over wallpaper because it had been applied to the wallboard without the wallboard being primed or painted. If they had attempted to remove the wallpaper, the paper from the Sheetrock below would have come off too. After they had painted it, the walls looked good; but, of course, this was on television. Continue Reading