Curbly Roundup: Bringing Nature into the Office

Nature is good for us. Introducing it to the office can help us breathe easier and take the edge out of a stressful workday. When we think of bringing nature to the office, plants first come to mind, and although we’ll be covering vegetation in this Curbly Roundup, we’ll also be exploring a few other options as well.    

First, the flora.

For the brown-thumb-ers out there, I’d highly recommend snake plants and ZZ plants (pictured below), both of which are about as easy to maintain as a fake plant. Continue Reading

How to Make an Herbal Dream Pillow.

Abi from CraftyCrafty muses, “Dream pillows were used in olden days for fairytale maidens to rest
their heads on as they slept. Nowadays, they’re just great for anyone
with the sort of full-on, stressful lifestyle that leads to insomnia.
Using the fabric of your choice…cut two equal sized sheets depending on the shape you
want your pillow to take, stitch along three sides of the material,
then turn it right the side out.”

Then, stuff with a combination of aromatic dried herbs, teas, flowers, and essential oils. Continue Reading