Roundup: 7 T-Shirt Re-Vamps

 created at: 03/26/2012

I am a hands down t-shirt and jeans kinda gal. Always have been; always will be. I’m also the kind of person that, when she finds t-shirts that she likes, she buys 6 of all the same style in 6 different colors. The problem with that is it can lead to boredom. The answer to such boredom, of course, is t-shirt reconstruction. The internets are full of such projects, but these caught my eye in particular. Continue Reading

Swanky Printed Dresser How To, With PDF Stencils

Lena Corwin , super-talented author of Printing By Hand (which is totally on my Christmas list) has a tutorial on Etsy for this
swanky looking dresser, complete with cute downloadable animal

created on: 11/14/08

To make it you’ll need

  • A piece of furniture to stencil, (old pieces should be sanded or stripped)
  • white latex primer paint
  • white semi-gloss paint
  • contact paper
  • a contrasting colour of latex paint
  • roller paintbrush, pencil, craft, knife, scissors, painters tape
  • to download those lovely chubby moose and their animal chums

for the rest of the (very detailed) skinny go HERE. Continue Reading

Freshen Up Billy… Change Up an Ikea Staple

This can barely even be described as an Ikea Hack, as essentially I just
slapped a bit of something on the back board of a slightly disreputable Billy bookcase that a friend passed along to me.


took the back of the Billy off and taped a large map onto it, I
didn’t even cut it to size, just folded the corners over and taped,
then tacked it back on with new nails. An alternative would be to print
out some images from google maps and mod podge them onto the backing. Continue Reading