Awesome: Robots Made from Thrift Store Finds!

created at: 08/05/2011If you know me, you know that I not only harbor a deep love of robots, I am downright obsessed with them!  So, when I ran across these sweet little creations, I simply had to share.  Had to, you guys.  I hope you’ll find them as awesome sauce as I do.  

created at: 08/05/2011

Husband and wife duo Nicholas and Angela Snyder from Kansas City are avid robot lovers, too.  But they’ve totally one-upped me in ‘bot geekery: they MAKE robots.   Continue Reading

Craft It: A Robot Centerpiece for the 4th of July!

created at: 06/28/2011

PatriBot 3000 is what I’m calling this quirky Fourth of July centerpiece.  With a belly full of cookies and a head full of forks, he’ll be the star of the festivities (after the fireworks, of course)!  Ready to make a DIY robot of your own?  Great.  Let’s get this freedom party started!  

Mr. PatriBot would be a great craft to work on with the kids because, c’mon, what kid doesn’t love a robot?  They (and you!) will have fun putting all the parts together for what will no doubt be the coolest 4th of July centerpiece ever made.   Continue Reading

Recycled DIY Robot!

Some questions are timeless and all important, for example, Beatles or
Stones? Batman or Superman? Pirates or Ninjas? And perhaps the most
important of all, ‘would you rather have a Monkey or a Robot?’ Well,
for folks coming down on the robot side, there is this fellow:created on: 12/19/08

The blurb says “Turn any empty metal can into a walking, wobbling bug-eyed robot! This
Tin Can Robot Kit comes with pretty much everything you’ll need to take
recycling to a whole other level. Continue Reading

Meet George Jetson’s Lawn Mower

The LawnBott is a clever little thing. It cuts your lawn day or night, virtually in silence, and leaves no emissions in its wake. It can cover up to 33,000 square feet, climb 30 degree slopes, and returns to its little docking station when it feels its battery is running low, returning to its work when recharged. And if it rains? Well, the LawnBott comes equipped with a rain sensor; at the first drops it returns to its little house to wait out the passing shower. Continue Reading