Make It: A Colorful DIY Ruffle Pendant Light – For Cheap!

created at: 09/06/2011

Colors, glorious colors, oh how I love you!  I especially love when you show up in unexpected places and blow my mind with your brilliance.  Because seriously, what you’re doing for this DIY pendant light is OUT. OF. CONTROL.  

The fantastic Ms. Michaela from Bliss! put her crafty skills to good use for this gorgeous DIY pendant light.  The materials for this super, super easy project are readily available and totally inexpensive.  Also?  Michaela says this project only takes about 15 minutes.   Continue Reading

How to Sew a Ruffly-Top Tee

I’ve been tempted to use one of my favorite tees as a pattern to make more tees for YEARS, but I’ve always been skeptical about the finish–especially around the neckline. A botched hem-job around the sleeves and bottom wouldn’t be as obvious as the one that frames your face.This project, however, from Make it and Love it solves that problem: They hide the hem at the neckline with a ruffle. Clever, huh? Here’s what you’ll need to give one a try:

  • paper, either one large piece (like butcher paper) or several smaller sheets taped together
  • a favorite tee
  • knit fabric, enough to replicate your favorite tee
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc
  • this tute from Make it and Love it, which I do!
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