How to Make a “Sanded” Light Bulb

With some high-temperature clear caulk and a little sand, you can put an interesting finish on clear light bulbs. A nice addition to your bar strip-light bathroom fixture or Potted Light Bulb Lamp perhaps?

What You Need

Clear light bulb (I’d stick with lower wattage. The bulb in the example was 40 watt.)

Hight temperature clear caulk (I found this at Menards for about $6.50 in the heating department.)

Caulking gun

Sand (Any kind will do, but finer sand seems to work better.)

Paper towel or throw-away sponge brush


What You Do

Dispense caulk on bulb and spread with paper towel. Continue Reading

For Sale: Beach Sand (Cigarette Butts Not Included)

What has the world come to? We’re buying sand for five dollars a pound. Sure, it’s clean and we don’t have to brush it out from between our toes, but it’s still just sand. This being said, I’m happy to announce, in the world of home decor, sand has become passe! Hooray!


Fall Freebie

This fall, instead of using beach grit as a foundation to your candlescapes and hurricanes, how about giving acorns a try? All you have to do is find an obliging oak tree and have at it. Continue Reading