Instant Shower Makeover

created at: 08/02/2010

Good gracious. Is this the bathroom on the set of Unwrapped

(See my face turning red?) That’s because it’s my back bathroom!!! The previous owner of our house was IU Basketball crazy and made a poor decision to do an IU themed bathroom.  I think that’s why my husband agreed to buy this house-IU Basketball, Bobby Knight era and all that. I figured out how to perform an instant makeover without spending too much time or money.   Continue Reading

DIY: Sew Your Man a Tater Tots Vest

created on: 08/13/08

Nothing says “I love my man!” like a handmade Tater Tots vest and hat.  A bachelor eating Tots night after night, a long distance relationship, what else could she do to seal the deal? 

To sew this one-of-a-kind handmade dapper man-vest, she collected empty TT bags, stitched them together to make Tater Tot fabric, laid the pattern on top and cut out the pieces just like it was fine Italian wool.

* Note that the pattern even lines up on either side of the buttons.  Continue Reading

The Fix Its: On The Road at No Coast Craft-O-Rama

Still shot from Fix Its video tour of No Coast Craft-O-Rama.Well, it was a busy weekend for Alicia and me with a disappointing trip to the Target Center and a not-disappointing trip to the No Coast Craft-O-Rama, the Midwest's premier independent craft extravaganza!

Ben joined us as we browsed the amazing assortment of local crafty vendors and got the low-down on this grassroots gathering (see Ben's write-up here).

Check the video, yo:

Special thanks to,,, and for helping us out.  Continue Reading