Semi-Homemade: Make an Inexpensive Duvet Cover from Flat Sheets

created at: 2009-03-30

O.K. folks, I’m pulling out some of my best archived projects for you to SAVE $$$ by semi-creating your own decor. Often it’s more frugal to combine store-bought products with some sewing finesse’ to make  your own one-of-kind home designs. To make a really inexpensive, custom duvet cover, shop online and local sales for two flat sheets that suit your taste. The sheets above are available online at for $39.99 a set.

created at: 2009-03-30

 Buy two sets to use the flat sheets out of each set,  and use the fitted sheets to make shams, throw pillows and even some curtains.  Continue Reading

Top 13 Ways to Reuse Old Towels and Sheets

Re-nest put together 10 very clever ways to re-use old towels and sheets and I’ve thrown in three of my personal favs as well.

  1. Turn old sheets and blankets into ironing board covers.
  2. Donate them to your local animal shelter.
  3. Turn towels into knotted doggie toys.
  4. Convert little-worn sheets into curtains.
  5. Stash an old sheet in the trunk of your car for impromptu picnics.
  6. Towels and sheets in good condition but no longer your style can be donated to local homeless shelters.
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How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet

Okay, I’ll admit it. My folded fitted sheets look more like rectangularly shaped pillows rather than neat squares. Here’s a 4 stage method to help me make folding these confounding pocketed contraptions do-able, which will also make my linen closet look more orderly. The steps, according to BHG, go something like this:

“1. Folding fitted sheets works best on a flat surface, such as a table or bed. Lay the sheet right side down, elasticized corners facing up. Continue Reading

How To: Twelve Steps to Create a Sleep Haven.


Ahh…sleep. Everyone loves it, needs it, and could do it more effectively. These twelve tips – mostly free, but including a couple of new purchases – can help you be rested and create the perfect sleep haven.

1. Buy a new mattress.
2. Bask in comfort: Buy silky, natural tree-fiber sheets in a soothing color.
3. A quick spritz of soothing lavendar water on your pillows helps calm your exhausted mind.
4. Chill Before Bed and lower your room’s temperature. Continue Reading