48 Tips to Control Clutter Stylishly

created at: 2010/01/21

When it comes to clutter, are you an innie or an outie? I’m more of an innie, but in some circumstances I’m an outie. Confused? Let me explain. According to ShopSmart;), an innie is someone who likes to store stuff in closed containers for a ‘clean and tidy look. The outie, on the other hand, worries that they’ll forget something they don’t see, so they like to organize things in plain sight. Still confused? The March 2010 of ShopSmart;) explains it all in their article ‘Organize for Your Style’, which can be seen in its entire via this PDF. Continue Reading

11 Cheap & Easy Fix-Its from ShopSmart;)

In 1942, a little but influential magazine known as Consumers Union changed its name to Consumer Reports and a trusted powerhouse was borne. Now, some sixty-eight years later, a new offspring from the same organization has appeared. It’s called ShopSmart;), a magazine that’s billed as ‘A new women’s shopping magazine with the BEST brands to buy.’ Honestly, though, I think that’s selling the magazine short because there really is something for everyone in its pages. Continue Reading