Make It Over: Give An Ikea Sidetable A Classy Update

ikea lack hack

You’ve had one. We’ve all had one at some point. The IKEA Lack sidetable. A popular (and affordable!) option to one of life’s furniture problems. It comes in basic white and we love to see how others make it over. This one? Can’t really tell it’s from IKEA, now can you?

All you need is some amazing fabric and a few other supplies to make it glam. Head over to Lovely Indeed for the full how-to! Continue Reading

Suitcase Side Table


One of the 14 original projects in Make It! Secondhand Chic, is a circa 1970’s suitcase turned side table, but its maker, Chris, gave it that fresh mid-mod vibe that we’ve come to expect from him. In this option, an old folding director’s chair serves as the legs of the side table while the vintage suitcase on top gives the whole look a steampunk feel. 

If you wanna see Chris’s version, you’ll have to snag a copy of Make It! Continue Reading

Transform a Old Table With Buttons.

“This fabulously simple yet effective idea from Marianne Kirby proves that putting buttons on almost anything will dramatically
improve its looks. At least, this certainly turned out to be true in
the case of an old table she picked up for $5 at a yard sale.”

After scoring the table, Marianne bought 1,600 green and white buttons on eBay. She spray painted the table, then attached the buttons with a basic tacky craft glue. Then she created a table top with a pourable resin, and then allowed the piece to cure for at least 72 hours. Continue Reading

DIY-able pointer table?

Check out Modnest’s Pointer Table. It measures 15.5″ ‘square’ and is constructed of solid wood veneer. Although clever in design, it’s also simple, which means it’s totally DIY-able. Okay, a little wood working experience would come in handy here, especially joinery experience, but hey to save the 95 bucks (plus shipping and handling) it might be worth an attempt.