Converted Silo House


This 1940’s silo was converted into a one bedroom, loft-style apartment. complete with a queen bed, full size sofa-bed, bathroom, studio kitchen and a private porch. It’s part of the Gruene Homestead Inn‘s collection of ‘suites’ and rents for around 200 dollars a night. If the exterior pic suggests a less-than-comfortable stay, check out the interior images!




To see and read more, head on over to Tiny House Blog, if for anything else, just to see the curved staircase. Continue Reading

Utah Silo House

monte silo house 1 Modern Monte Silo House in Utah

For those city folks who don’t know what a silo is, it’s a large, usually cylindrical structure used to store silage. What’s silage? Stuff ruminators eat. What are ruminators? I’ll let you chew on that for a while. However, this particular silo serves a different purpose altogether. It’s a getaway for a bachelor to entertain guests. Located on the Provo River in Utah, the corrugated metal of the structure certainly lends to its modern interior. To see more images, visit Freshome. Continue Reading