Next Generation House from Sou Fujimoto

Jenga House

Check out the Next Generation House by Sou Fujimoto Architects. It’s like a house built with Jenga blocks but it’s actually a small housing module for weekend use located on the edge of a forest overlooking the River Kuma at Kumakura, Japan. The small pavilion, a 4×4 meters cube, is made by assembling solid japanese cedar blocks kept in place by their own weight and connecting metal cables running through vertical drill holes.   


Jenga House


Some of the inside cubes are laid off-center to create shelves, small living areas and even steps to move from one level to another. Continue Reading

Small Space Study Bed

The fold up study desk allows for hours of study or work, a pull down bed and no need to stop and clear off the work surface, it just glides underneath when you need some shut-eye. The study bed comes in two versions, fours sizes and various wood finishes.

Developed by Ben Berry to meet the space saving needs in the UK market, StudyBed solves the main dilemma of cramped living space. Watch the video. Continue Reading

The Read-Nest: The Bibliophile’s Get-Away

A little slice of heaven in only 9.8 square meters, the Read-Nest by Dorte Madrup Arkitekter is a bibliophile’s dream. Shelves for books and a spot to settle back with a page turner…doesn’t get much better.

The prefabricated structure is also perfect for writing, studying and relaxing, the Read-Nest is kind of a pop-up book in itself. A desk unfolds from the wall as does a bed. Above, the ceiling folds back to reveal a skylight. Continue Reading