How To Make A Death Star Concrete Planter

Have you heard? The new Star Wars movie is out and is currently on everyone’s fave list. Pay homage to the films with your own death star concrete planter! I want about twenty of these hanging out around my house now!      


These make perfect planters and/or candles! Check out the full how-to over on Artfotografie!

Concrete Death Star DIY by [Artfotografie]

How To: Make DIY Star Wars Snowflakes–Free Printables!

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes (FREE!)

This one goes out to all my Star Wars-obsessed friends and family–you know who you are.  I’m going out on a limb here and guessing you’ve got a few in your life, too?  Just call it a hunch.  Impress them this holiday season (or embrace your own Star Wars geekdom) with these hand-cut snowflakes!   


Chaunce Dolan from Matters of Grey created four unique Star Wars snowflake designs and, to help spread the geeky love, is offering printable PDF diagrams of each!   Continue Reading

Edible Star Wars

Star Wars™ Cookie Cutters” /

Ya gotta love Star Wars fanatics. From dressing up like their favorite characters to tattooing their flesh with classic imagery from the movies, they seem to be up for anything. If, like me, you can appreciate their unwavering allegiance to the series, then you’ll also appreciate these foodie Star Wars items.

The cookie cutters ($20) pictured above along with these pancake molds are new items available at Williams-Sonoma.

Star Wars™ Pancake Molds” /

These next two pics are actually wedding cakes.   Continue Reading

In a pumpkin patch far, far away….

created on: 10/30/08

…there lives one spunky gal named Princess Leia Gourdgana.

MWT’s office is having a pumpkin carving contest and the Princess here is our entry. Although she was a bit time consuming–she took about 3 hours to make–she wasn’t that difficult. If you’re interested in making a pumpkin Leia of your own, here are some suggestions.

1. First, prime the areas you plan to paint with white glue or Modge Podge. Acrylic craft paint is all you need to paint a pumpkin, but you’ll probably need to put on a few coats. Continue Reading